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Explore 20 WordPress themes for Effective Instagram Blogging

With the rapid growth of e-Commerce, businesses are forced to look for the most efficient ways of staying in touch with customers and promoting their businesses. As time has shown, right now social networks have proven to be amazingly successful for empowering businesses. Instagram (IG) with all its billion users is one of such social networks. As Forbes mentions, IG and its Stories give businesses immense opportunities, as this network appeals to different demographic groups. Let’s try to have a brief look at the reasons.

So, why is Instagram so popular?

  • Close Connection

Firstly, IG ensures that your customers can easily stay in touch with you and follow your news. Let’s consider an example. Wedding HTML templates can help you create a website, i.e. an online version of a personalized wedding planner, a wedding gown shop or salon, a flower boutique, wedding reception venues, and so on. Your customers will find a lot of details and useful information there.

At the same time, your Instagram page makes it easier for your followers to see your updates. If you post regularly, your subscribers will be well-informed of your news, recent models, sales and promotions.

  • Standardization and Styling

Secondly, one of the most useful IG features is saving your stories in highlights. A business IG account definitely uses these highlights to arrange information in clear categories, so that followers could easily find what they’re looking for. IG story highlight icons become a quick way to unify your highlights, name them, and create a special stylish look of your page.

Your posts will be visually more attractive, so they look more like pieces of art than as an ordinary set of photos and videos. You can add backgrounds, animated masks, business quotes, banners, decorative items, available, for instance, at MasterBundles.

  • Varied Visualization and Diverse Desires

Thirdly, IG pages can be suitable for all kinds of enterprises or personal websites. Customization possibilities make IG pages unique, so they reflect your personal or your company’s style. Images and videos that you post can provide concise and precise information, which saves people’s time. So, if your products and services demonstrated in your posts meet users’ desires, you’ll find new customers.

Now it’s time to see some examples of how different WordPress themes can be applied to various pages in order to create unforgettable blogs.

Daron Premium WordPress Theme

Daron WordPress Theme
Details |  Demo
This premium WordPress theme will be suitable for a great variety of websites, including blogs, corporate pages, portfolios, consulting agencies, travel companies, and even online shops. You can apply an existing assortment of blog templates and layouts, or create your custom ones. A special feature of this theme is it`s being multilingual, so you can run a blog in different languages.

Aneeq Premium WordPress Theme

Aneeq Premium WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Whether you wish to showcase your portfolio, create your company’s website or start a powerful blog, this premium theme will drag your attention. Being easily customizable, this theme lets you design custom posts and develop template layouts for them. You can display your content in columns, photo and video galleries, as a products page or a single product, and many other formats.

Speaker – Life Coach WordPress Theme

Speaker - Life Coach WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Designed as a page of a life coach, this eye-catching theme will definitely draw people’s attention and showcase your position to the best advantage. Built with a powerful Elementor Page Builder, this theme will let you arrange the content of different types easily with the help of well-designed modules.

Do you know that you can experiment with your blog headers and footers in Elementor? What’s more, you can master special techniques easily if you watch this video.

Love Life – Responsive Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Love Life - Responsive Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Your life events can be shared with the world in a personal blog with this elegant and life theme. Let others know your tastes and preferences in literature or music, offer your advice and tips, discuss culture and fashion, and add various photos to illustrate your thoughts.

Fusion – WordPress Blog Theme

Fusion - WordPress Blog Theme

Details |  Demo
Suitable for fashion blogs, this stylish modern theme will let you experiment with designs, colors, logos, fonts, and other elements as much as you like. Besides, you’ll get 15 topical images as a bonus.

Richard Gore – Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Richard Gore - Writer Portfolio Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Writers frequently have something to say in everyday life, and spreading their word requires a carefully planned portfolio. With this theme, you can effectively present your biography, events, bestsellers, and so on. Background options and Google Web Fonts assist you in expressing your style and personality.

Sprout – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Sprout - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
This tender theme is applicable for various kinds of blogs – fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sports, travels, and many more. Fill it with your ideas and feelings that you wish to share, and enjoy the easiness of use. Numerous post formats available on your website perfectly adjust to various types of screens.

Roseline – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Roseline - Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Bright and modern, this theme is also suitable for various kinds of blogs, both business and personal ones. Arrange your posts and customize your page using numerous headers, footers, widgets, and other useful features. Edit backgrounds and choose from more than 800 Google fonts to create eye-catching posts in an effortless way.

AliceBurton – Personal Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

AliceBurton - Personal Blog Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Ideal for a personal blog, such as travel or lifestyle page, this appealing theme will satisfy all your needs. Create and customize pages with the help of fast and powerful drag-and-drop Elementor page builder. Enjoy displaying your posts in an unlimited variety of ways.

If you are fond of traveling, you’ve probably noticed that travelers often have both a website where they describe their trips in detail, and an Instagram account that includes photos, videos, and saved stories devoted to traveling. One of the keys to having more followers is linking your website with social media, including Instagram. As an example, have a look at Dame Traveler’s blog, which has an enormous variety of posts on different topics, and at Dame Traveler’s Instagram account, which presents saved stories in a really charming way.

Elixir – Travel, Food, Fashion & Much More! WordPress Theme

Elixir - Travel, Food, Fashion & Much More! WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Containing 9 demo templates for bloggers, this lovely theme lets you emphasize your style and design an impressive blog without any delay. You can use its Theme Color Switcher, and apply the most appropriate colors. Also, you can emphasize your trending posts, as well as products and services.

Manawa – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Manawa - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
This multi functional theme includes 12 pre-made website and blog designs, such as traveler, blogger, author, dentist, photographer, kindergarten, and others. So, you can easily choose the one you love and launch your blog. With premium plugins, including Events Schedule and Slider Revolution, you’ll get an improved functionality of your website.

Ineco – Minimal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ineco - Minimal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
With its minimalist creative design and innovative solutions, this theme promotes various business products and services. It’s also possible to demonstrate your portfolio effectively, applying different layouts and styles.

Center – WordPress Theme

Center - WordPress Theme

Having a clean and minimalist design, this lovely WordPress theme will perfectly suit creative agencies and bloggers. Due to its custom colors, various theme options, custom Google fonts, and other useful features, you’ll be able to create your unique page. Present information about yourself, display recent posts, organize everything the way you wish, and enjoy communication with your followers.

Celerony – Creative Splitscreen Elementor WordPress Theme

Celerony - Creative Splitscreen Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Refined and delicate, this theme lets you present your personal information, works and services in a delightful way. Besides, you get a huge variety of images on various business topics, so you can apply this theme for any company’s blog.

This theme can be suitable for running a wellness blog that will help people live healthier lives. You can share your advice on food, beauty, relationship, and so on, as MindBodyGreen does. Such pages as Mindbodygreen Instagram account can really inspire others to keep healthy and fit.

MaxPaxton – Freelance Copywriter and Journalist WordPress Theme

MaxPaxton - Freelance Copywriter and Journalist WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
If you’re a freelance copywriter, this tasteful theme will suit you perfectly. It will help you demonstrate your projects, services, personal information and experience, adding content modules of various types.

Hayes – Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Hayes - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
This captivating theme will suit travel and photography bloggers. Choose your preferred post types, adjust colors and typography, and share your captivating photos and ideas the way you like.

Henry Stoun – Personal Website WordPress Theme

Henry Stoun - Personal Website WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Serious and handsome, this theme lets you create a personal blog or a portfolio page. You can also include a Team Page and Testimonials to add credibility to your page.

xPression – Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

xPression - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Suitable for a personal blog, a consultant’s page, a travel blog, and many other kinds of pages, this clean and graceful theme provides you with ample opportunities. Special Icon Fonts and Sticky Headers positively influence the look of your page and navigation through it.

Camila – Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Camila - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
This premium theme ensures the best readability, so it can be used for various blogs. Whatever projects, products, or services you wish to showcase, this fashionable theme will help you create magnificent galleries. You can share your preferences in places to eat out, food, fashion, plant growing, and anything you’re interested in. This elegant theme will make your posts eye-catching.

Lily – Clean & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme

Lily - Clean & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Whether you want to show daily life experience or some unusual events and experiences, this neat and simple theme lets you create spectacular posts in various layouts. Design splendid galleries and integrate videos to make your posts appealing.

Daisy – Exquisite Blog WordPress Theme

Daisy - Exquisite Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
You can choose this theme if you wish to get a light and dazzling look of your blog. Due to its style and functionality, it’s suitable for various blogs, such as lifestyle, traveling, counseling, and many more. Express yourself and advertise your company in a winning way.

Adverocking – Lifestyle Neutral Elementor WordPress Theme

Adverocking - Lifestyle Neutral Elementor WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Perfect for portfolios and personal blogs, this neutral theme lets you design unusual posts and attract new followers. As a special giveaway, this theme contains free images and JetElements Plugin to enhance your site’s functionality.

If you want your page to look amusing, you can use its moose image to introduce your portfolio. Surely, you can opt for other, more serious images as well.

Laura – A Feminine Blog WordPress Theme

Laura - A Feminine Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo
Cute and tender, this theme is particularly suitable for female bloggers, as it perfectly emphasizes sentimentality and gentleness. Choose from 6 pre-designed demos, adjust the colors, add your content, and launch your sophisticated blog without much effort.

All in all, ready-made themes provide you with considerable opportunities for creating an efficient blog easily. You can opt for a certain theme depending on your style preferences and the type of content you wish to post. An Instagram blog that can be followed by a limitless number of people gives possibilities for creating visually appealing posts and for keeping people informed by your news. As the Instagram blog is adjustable, it’s worth paying attention to its look and creating its unique style. With the variety of themes available, you can be limited only by your imagination. So, grab your opportunity and create a striking blog now!

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