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WordPress Blog Monetization: 5 Things to Try Implementing on Your Blog in 2020

WordPress has been around for a while now. In its glorious years, it has helped launch the careers of many and played a significant role in creating the genre of blogging. Today, WordPress is a favored platform by not only bloggers but also big names, including BBC, The New Yorker, Sony, and many more.

While WordPress has given to the public a fairly easy way to website monetization, it needs more than a few posts to start making money out of it.

As of 2019, the worldwide web has 1.7 billion websites, 600 million are blogs alone. Out of this, WordPress alone carries 76.5 million blogs. In other words, you need to be pretty unique to stand out from the crowd.

If you already have a WordPress site and a relatively good traffic flow into it, then there are a few more things you can try implementing to get returns.

Products and Services

Selling products or services on a website has become one of the most common ways of monetizing in the last year. You can also generate leads and traffic through content creation and promotion. WordPress has easy solutions to include shopping carts and allow customers to pay through different methods.

Much like the membership program, these products could also be anything related to your niche. You can offer services, such as web development, designing, or digital products.

Additionally, if you are providing writing services, you can create an ebook on any specific issue. Say, compose one on how to write an annotated bibliography. This way, you can blend in the features of both products and services in one go.

If you are selling physical products, you will need to take care of the shipping further as well.

Paid Subscriptions

Chances are that you currently have a subscription program running on your blog. The current internet landscape considers memberships as something that offers exclusive access to premium content. There are no rules on what this premium content has to be. However, it has to be worth the time of the audience.

WordPress has some amazing plugins that can allow you to integrate a paid membership program on the site. If you can provide good content, then this could be the most consistent and profitable source of income from your webpage. Rather than focusing on a one-time payment, here you can monetize every month, quarterly or yearly.

Paid Subscriptions - WordPress Blog Monetization

Online Courses

This is essentially a subcategory of products. For an industry that is expected to grow to a value of US$ 406 billion by 2024, the market offers limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Hence it is worthwhile to expand your attention to this sphere. If you have a thorough knowledge of a subject and good delivery skills, you can create a course right from your home.

Remember that whatever your skill level is, there would be people who are willing to pay for it. So even if you are intermediate, you can develop a course for beginners.

You can use your website content to find out which courses you readers are looking for and provide them with exactly that. Alternatively, sending our surveys to your subscribers will also give you an idea of their expectations.


Since the beginning of blogging, advertising is considered the holy grail of monetization. It certainly works if you have a popular site with a continuous flow of traffic. For new ones, however, it might take longer.

There are many ways to approach advertising. The first is to sell ad space directly. It works well only for established websites. The second is to sell semi-directly. There are services where you can list your website, and customers can pay you to advertise on your site.

The next is using Google Adsense to do contextual advertising. The last one might be more feasible for a new blog.

Affiliate Marketing

The next most common way of monetization through a blog is through affiliate marketing. You promote products of other businesses and receive a commission for every sale you bring. In many aspects, it is very similar to advertising. You may consider joining the best affiliate marketing courses recommended by High Income Source.

You can make it more organic by including product reviews or using promotions in a not so obvious way. Affiliate marketing works better if you have a niche website.

Many major eCommerce websites have their own affiliate programs to encourage bloggers.

Wrapping Up

There is no shortage of ways to monetize your blog. Getting the information is only the first step.

Now is the time to actually work on it, and strategize to make the ideas work best for you.

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