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Why Web Design and SEO Should Work Together

If you want to take full advantage of your web design, then it must work hand in hand with SEO. Why is that the case, though? Well, let us take a look together at why web design and SEO should work together to clarify the answer to this question.

Loading speed

The reason why web design and SEO should work together is website loading speed. The loading speed depends a lot on web design because the overly complicated or badly done design can drag it down a lot. At the same time, one of the points good SEO is rigid on is that you need to have a fast loading speed. Your SEO rank would be badly damaged if it takes five minutes for a single page to load on a reasonably decent internet connection. So, the first thing you want to ensure when designing your website is that nothing slows it down. This becomes even more essential if your business finally takes off and tons of people start visiting your site. The slowdown from stressed servers would be devastating if paired with slow loading speed. So, make sure to find a professional web designer who understands this!


As the experts from Movers Development like to point out, device compatibility is one of the most important things for a business website. No amount of marketing will help your customer outreach if your site can only be opened over a PC or on a specific browser. At the same time, a badly designed website will have all sorts of bugs, glitches, and errors when trying to access it through anything but the browser it was directly designed for. And why web design and SEO should work together once again shines through because of the fact that Google pays attention to device compatibility a lot when setting your SEO rank. Once again, a technical aspect of your site will make or break your ranking.

User safety

An important concern for any website is keeping its users safe. Now, web design does not directly concern itself with this. However, the plugins and web themes that are included as part of it are. If you allow yourself to just keep adding features without vetting them properly, you can easily get into trouble. The reason why this is important for SEO, too, is because running such plugins and features can get you flagged by Google. This would not just tank your SEO score. It might even result in an automated warning to site visitors that your domain is not to be trusted. In other words, it is crucial you ask yourself how safe are the browser extensions, plugins, themes, and features you are planning to use before you incorporate them into your website design.

Easy site navigation

One of the primary tasks of good web design is making your site both visually more appealing and easier to use. And site navigation is a big part of that. Creating an effective and pleasing menu can be difficult, but it is doubly important for organizing your site. Which is something your SEO score will also benefit from. It will allow you to iron out your URLs, eliminate any double pages and bad leads, and make the entirety of your site run more smoothly and with fewer errors. So, it is always well worth it to put effort into this particular aspect of how web design and SEO should work together. This would also make it easier to form your sitemap, which is massively beneficial to your SEO.

User engagement

Of course, a large part of web design is also improving user engagement. It is a simple fact that people prefer pretty and appealing sites. You can have the best content in the world, but it will suffer if hosted on a messy, appalling site. This is also one of the ways web design affects conversion rates and allows you to turn visitors into clients. And while the process is not guaranteed just because people like the look of your site, it sure helps. While SEO does not benefit directly from it, the number of visitors to your site and their time spent on the site both do contribute to your score if the metrics are high.

Customer support

It is smart to integrate customer support into web design. This can be done rather easily by including a well-designed and placed pop-up chat window. Which then offers a direct connection to one of your customer service staff. It can be set to trigger if a person spends a certain amount of time on a page. Of course, to optimize things, you can make use of an AI chatbot first. It can be equipped to answer simple, commonly asked questions. The user can then be provided the option to contact an actual person. Again, your goal is to improve the appeal of your site. It also helps that such interactions often result in reviews and comments, both of which can improve your SEO. Especially if you take advantage of best AI chatbots in your customer service pop-up.

The focus on keywords

Both web design and SEO need to have a focus. And the reason why web design and SEO should work together really becomes apparent when designing landing pages. These are pages focused on the promotion of a single product or service. Therefore, they typically promote a single set of keywords and feature them prominently, both in web design and SEO. This is obviously beneficial. It allows you to direct most attention to what you want to emphasize to your site’s visitors very easily. At the same time, if the landing page does well, you can rank very highly in the Search Results for your chosen keywords. Thereby generating tons of organic traffic for your site.

Final word

Now that you know why web design and SEO should work together, you can start putting it into practice in the most efficient way possible! Together, the two will make your site and business thrive and grow.

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