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Online Chat is an effective communication medium for engaging customers. This can be done easily with the help of professionally trained agents using some of the many Live Chat tools available. However, picking out the best one is a bit confusing. Hence, we have put up a list of the 12 best online live chat software for your website that can help boost up the sales and quality services your customers.

1. Snap Engage

Snap Engage Live Chat Software

This live chat software offers one of the best live chat options which is a very convenient and powerful tool to connect with your customer.

Whenever and wherever your customer is you can reach them instantly via multiple chats, Facebook messenger and as well as local chat.

We work closely with you to understand your business strategy and goals so that you can set up SnapEngage to conquer those goals.

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2. Zendesk

Zopim Zendesk Live Chat Tool

Zopim is now Zendesk, a cheap, ready to use live chat software.

When you start to chat with a customer, moreover there are no separate pops up windows for each and every customer, instead, all the windows and controls are integrated with the dashboard.

Automated chat response is possible so that you could reach out to customers before they complete their conversation.

Multi-channel support like emails and social media are integrated with Zendesk.

Histories are available of the customer chats for agents to better know the customer needs.

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Hiver’s live chat widget is extremely easy to use as it fits intuitively within Gmail.

Support managers can assign customer chats to frontline agents with a single click. Moreover, agents can respond to recurring chat queries with custom chat templates, and share chat transcripts with other teams whenever they need help with certain queries. 

Support agents can also respond to customer chats through Hiver’s mobile application, enabling your team to provide delightful support on the go.

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4. Olark

Olark Chat Application for website

Olark has a simple and clear, online live chat features which can help you do better.

This live chat software provides you with the real-time live chat which refreshes on a frequent interval so that you don’t miss any important information.

Olark has easy to set up a live chat so that you can interact with your customer fast and this software gives a boost to your work speed.

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5. Velaro

Velaro Live Chat Application for Website

Velaro offers vigorous, a customizable live chat that is can be easily set up, ready to use and result giving solutions.

There are many advanced features available for you which can be optimized according to your needs.

Velaro makes it trouble-free for your team to communicate with the customer and satisfy them.

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6. Ogg

Ogg Flexible Live Chat

The best thing is that it integrates with Google Talk, mobile phones and your messengers. It is also equipped with features such as live monitoring, live chat history, geo-IP tracking, and customizable chat windows.

Ogg eliminates the needs of any other software or training for their operators to respond to the customers’ queries by simply logging to their Google accounts.

All you need is the web browser and a Gmail or Google talk account to chat with consumers from anywhere anytime.

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7. Live Help

Live Help Chat Software for Website

Live help chat system gives you the perfect interface to handle chats which require immediate attention on your website, Facebook business page, mobile text, and messenger.

It supports both large and small work centers. It’s truly a power solution for all the company and brands who don’t want their colleague’s unattained.

It also has a specialized key feature which automatically translates each every language to your native language and you can say see yaa!! to your language training expenses.

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8. Kayako

Kayako Help Desk Software

Kayako is also live chat online engine, it has many advanced features which are nowadays necessary for every live chatting platform.

Customer handling teams can easily manage any queries and respond to any conversation over any channel.

Kayako provides with everything to help you make your team faster and gain you happy as well as a loyal customers.

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9. Casengo

Casengo Customer Service Software

Casengo software is like a whole database of the live chat which stores information of each every customer as well as the team member who is currently responding to the specific customer.

Multiple channels support gives you access anywhere worldwide and connect to your customer using Casengo Live Chat Engine.

It also has language support which is very essential nowadays for a team to reach worldwide.

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10. Comm 100

Comm 100 realtime chat tool

Comm 100 is the next-generation live chat solution that comes with AI enhancement and offers 24/7 live chat support.

Multi-channel is making it easy for the agent to reach its client from anywhere and anytime.

It comes with affordable prices that will not give you a headache for thinking about extra expenses.

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11. EngageBay’s Free Live Chat

EngageBay Free Live Chat

EngageBay’s Free Live Chat Software helps you deliver personalized one-on-one support to every customer using a simple and powerful free live chat software.

Talk to your customers in real-time, track the complete customer journey, send proactive messages to invite your customers to a live chat session, gain insights from chat transcripts and lots more.

EngageBay’s powerful free live chat software lets you take your customer support to the next level.

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12. LiveAgent


LiveAgent stands out with its simple integration with the client’s website that requires only a few clicks to copy and paste.

Additional features include proactive invitations, real-time typing animation, and website monitoring.

The chat window is highly customizable and adaptable to the team members’ needs.

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