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Top 5 Learning Blog Sites For WordPress User

As we all know that WordPress is rapidly taking over the web. Now it powers over 35% of the entire web and increases. There are thousands of developers who prefer to use WordPress for their website development. The thing is that WordPress equips you with almost everything to develop your own blog site, shop site, or your company website. If you go deep enough you will know that you don’t need anything else. Secondly, WordPress is very is easy to install and use. So it makes it more efficient.

When it comes to learning WordPress there are many websites and blogs available for you to give brief information about the working of WordPress. These sites help you out on how to set up your business or how to create your own blog site. Lots of websites mean lots of confusing minds because we don’t know which is the best one to rely on. For that, we have created a list of the learning blog sites that will help you with your WordPress free of cost.

1. WPBeginner

This blog site provides you with basic knowledge of WordPress. If you just began to use WordPress then I must say this is the best blog site to go through. This blog will help you to learn a few basic things like adding an image to a post or creating custom menus. In other words, this blog is very popular because it actually helps everyone to learn WordPress.

This is not it, WPBeginner as well keeps you updated with the latest stories, events, themes and plugins, and everything else that has to do with WordPress. Additionally, the blog is updated on a daily basis which makes it more efficient.

Some Useful WordPress Guides From WPBeginner



WPMU DEV is the perfect blog if you are looking for expert recommendations and in-depth advice? It is one of the solid blogs for WordPressers out there. The Bloggers of this site cover each very eye-catching topics and somehow manage to make it more interesting. This blog is best for you if you are an advanced level developer.

Moreover, on this blog, you can find all the WordPress-related posts from multiple categories that include everything from the bottom to top. WPMU DEV will give you some of the best examples and tips in the community. That will help you achieve the best. There is much more if you go through the full blog.

Some Useful WordPress Guides From WPMU DEV


3. ElegantThemes

This is the company blog of Elegant Themes. But it is not just an ordinary blog it is much more than that. The blog on the website covers most of the important topics like how-tos on various WordPress topics, focusing on practical advice that anyone can apply. Moreover, the company also share their latest development and about their products and latest news. It is a very good place to start learning the working and secrets of WordPress.

The Elegant Themes also have their own theme named Divi. That you can install your WordPress to create an amazing website. There is more to it. You must check out the DIVI.

Some Useful WordPress Guides From ElegantThemes

ElegantThemes Blog

4. CodeinWP

One of the biggest blog that covers vast varieties of topic WordPress content, that includes WordPress usage to the company’s transparency reports to plugin lists, to top theme lists, to in-depth research posts. This is everything that a developer can imagine. Almost all the things in one place.

This blog gives you an overall knowledge of WordPress, and find out not only about the platform’s tech-related workings, but also the business side of things. Which helps you set up your own business.

Some Useful WordPress Guides From CodeinWP

CodeinWP Blog

5. Chris Lema

Chris Lema is a developer, writer, and speaker. He is also the owner of one of the best on-topic blogs about WordPress. The site offers you many different tutorials on focusing on the easiest method to solve the problem. The blog not only covers the WordPress tutorials but more than that like marketing, social media, theme development, plugins, hosting, and much more.

In other words, the site allows you to keep tabs on the latest WordPress discussion and hot topics of the week. More to it, you can check out about the latest plugins and themes as well.

Some Useful WordPress Guides From Chris Lema

Chris Lema Blog

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