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Top 10 WordPress Books To Start Learning

Are you looking for best WordPress books to learn?

Books are the person’s best friend they always gives you something to learn and never ask for anything in return. Books are helpful for self-learning and acquiring a quick peek to valuable content one is looking for.

When it comes to the WordPress books there are more than hundreds and thousands of books available online and offline both the markets. It can be a little bit difficult to choose the finest book.

To provide you with the finest WordPress book we have done some digging and come with the Top 10 most effective learning books of WordPress.

1. WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

WordPress All in One For Dummies

One of the popular books of this year is WordPress All-In-One Dummies. It is the comprehensive WordPress book which consists of 8 different mini-books, each mini-book offers easy to understand information on basic topics of WordPress

The book provides you with a brief knowledge of a variety of topics related to WordPress including SEO, WordPress plugin development and multi-site networks. Here’s the list of mini books’ titles:

  • WordPress Basics
  • Setting Up the WordPress Software
  • Exploring the Dashboard
  • Publishing Your Site with WordPress
  • Examining SEO and Social Media
  • Customizing the Look of Your Site
  • Using and Developing Plugins
  • Running Multiple Sites with WordPress

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2. Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Professional WordPress - Design and Development

If you want a knowledge of how development process goes then this book is the right choice. The book is written to specially target the advanced developers who want understand the in-depth full functionality of most popular CMS.

This book covers the brand new coding & development techniques. The uses the real times example of websites using the WordPress to give brief explanation of key concepts.

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3. WordPress To Go

Book - WordPress To Go

Creating website using WordPress is very easy with this book. This is the WordPress beginners tutorial guide with step by step instructions to create your own blog or website with WordPress.

The book is very easy to go through consisting of eight lessons which allows you to build and maintain your website without any deep knowledge of HTML.

The basics of the book cover the steps like purchasing the domain name, getting a hosting account of WordPress and also very basic things like how to install WordPress. You can create the e-commerce store using only this book.

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4. WordPress: The Missing Manual

WordPress: The Missing Manual

This is also one of the best book with step by step description to create all types of websites, blogs and e-commerce shops online. The book is also provide the use of correct widgets for particular type of websites to solve your problems, add up necessary controls and features to make your website look more professional.

The book shares useful SEO optimization tricks & techniques and how to make your website responsive to all the devices. The more to it is that you also learn about creating image & video galleries and slideshows.

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5. WordPress in Easy Steps

WordPress in Easy Steps

The book is complete guide to setup your WordPress website. This beginner guides helps you manage your WordPress dashboard settings, changing the appearance of website for professional looks, using plugins and widgets, adding attractive contents and much more.

The book also talks about the inbuilt WordPress functions and how to use them for your website.

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6. WordPress For Beginners: A Visual Guide to Building Your WordPress Site

WordPress For Beginners: A Visual Guide to Building Your WordPress Site

In this book, you will find step by step visual guide to help you achieve the mastery in WordPress without spending much more time. The important topics that are discussed in this book are how to create a free website, how to register your domain name and also to how to get web hosting.

Apart from that, it provides information about multiple useful tools to discover the resources which come handy on WordPress sites. This book also talks about how to create and backup and restore your website in WordPress.

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7. Building Web Apps with WordPress

Building Web Apps with WordPress

It takes things to new level by comparing the WordPress core with the most popular application development frameworks. This is an advanced book which gives you knowledge on how to use themes for beautifying the appearance and plugins for the back-end functions of the applications.

It helps you to create the excellent and strong web application, mobile applications, web service, and multi-site networks with WordPress.

The book is manly published to target the advanced developers.

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8. WordPress: Pushing the Limits

WordPress: Pushing the Limits

As the book name say Pushing the limits, the book is also about pushing your WordPress knowledge to the extreme limits

WordPress is being used to power increasingly advanced sites, pushing it beyond its original purpose and giving you the more advanced functionalities.

In this book, the authors share their experiences and advice for working effectively with clients, develop with WordPress for larger projects, and push WordPress beyond its limits so that clients have the customized site they need in order to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

  • Explains that there is more than one approach to a WordPress challenge and shows you how to choose the one that is best for you, your client, and your team
  • Walks you through hosting and developing environments, theme building, and contingency planning
  • Addresses working with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS

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9. The 5-Day WordPress School: How To Become A WordPress Website Designer In 5 Days or Less

The 5-Day WordPress School: How To Become A WordPress Website Designer In 5 Days or Less

Its hard to unseen the fact that now days WordPress is the best blogging platform in the world and also the most popular content management system which powers almost 52% of the websites we surf on the internet.

In this book you will these things which are:

  • What is the WordPress Platform?
  • Brief description of the WordPress Dashboard and its settings.
  • Building up your self-hosted WordPress site
  • A brief explanation about why you need web hosting and domain registration
  • Best web hosts that are cheap to buy and meet your requirements
  • Tips to choose the best web host.
  • Step by step guide to install WordPress
  • Customizing your sharing buttons
  • Installing a theme
  • Customizing your widget area

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10. Wordpress Unboxed

Wordpress Unboxed

P. Teague teaches many of hundreds of people on how to install and use the WordPress platform. The man himself published this book for the beginners easy to use WordPress guide.

The book guide you from beginning which is installing the WordPress after that how to build a magnificent website from the scrap. Learn the WordPress functionality like how to use plugins and themes or how to get these two working in your own website.

The SEO basics for your new own blog make that it can be seen by the audience and also can be found in the search engine.

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