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The Top 10 Content Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow

You work as a marketer, right? It takes a lot of effort to succeed with Content Marketing

Improve lead generation, drive more sales, raise brand awareness, and improve lead quality. Increase your client engagement and grow your business.

Having so many goals to aim for, it is vital to seek some help. By following the best Content Marketing blogs, you can get some help. They are basically a combination of excellent tips and hacks to help you boost your marketing strategies. 

However, you know there are a lot of websites out there. Here’s a list of the most important alternatives we put together to help you make an informed decision. What do you think? 

We’re ready to get started, so let’s do it!

1. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi is one of the creators of Content Marketing and the founder of the CMI. 

The author of that book is also famous for writing “Epic Content Marketing”, which is a powerful guide to content marketing. 

There are many amazing ideas and suggestions for creative strategies on his blog. Among the topics, you will find articles on SEO, Content Marketing right now, the future of Digital Marketing, marketing measurement, etc. We have all the information you need, whether it’s quick tips or detailed guides.

On top of that, there is a lot of data available for you to use. In their annual research, CMI offers helpful insights into the challenges, obstacles, and success stories of the industry. 

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2. Copyblogger


Using Copyblogger, you’ll find powerful tips from the point of view of a writer. It will give you some insight and recommendations so that you can make sure you have what you need to get words down on paper.

These classes cover a wide range of topics, including writer’s block, copywriting, persuasive writing, grammar suggestions, and more.

Your team can read and share the posts. After all, it’s critical to improve the writing for your Content Marketing and email marketing campaigns. 

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3. Contently strategist

Contently strategist

In this one, you will learn about brand publishing, storytelling, and SEO

In addition to innovations on the market, technology’s role, statistics to back their claims, and digital transformation, they cover a multitude of topics. Stay up to date on what’s going on with this blog if you want to get better results.

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4. Marketing Insider Group

Marketing Insider Group

Marketing Insider Group offers more of a B2B perspective. Here, you can get some pieces that can help you stand out from your competitors and differentiate your brand.

During this presentation, you will clarify your vision on content reach, Google Analytics, outsourcing marketing, and marketing plan.

Also available are some case studies and articles about SEO, social media, and branding. 

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5. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert

You will find useful podcasts and blog posts on Convince and Convert’s blog about:

  • Experience of the customer;
  • Digital media;
  • Marketing content;
  • Marketing to businesses;
  • Marketing through word of mouth.

Various types of articles are available: case studies, research reports, lists, and more.

It is great that this blog offers you both analyses of traditional and modern marketing. As well, you will gain a lot of knowledge about marketing automation and data-driven marketing.

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6. Hubspot


The company has been around for a long time and is one of the top marketing companies in the world. A blog is an excellent place to find new ideas and strategies, as it is easy to assume.

They help you navigate the worlds of social media, customer service, e-commerce, sales, SEO, and Inbound Marketing.

Furthermore, they discuss topics such as brand awareness, marketing psychology, and how to maintain a blog.

The Hubspot team publishes a lot of original content, so there’s always something new to see. As you browse the pages, you will be tempted to read everything.

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7. The Story of Telling

The Story of Telling

The seventh tip deals with “The Story of Telling”. Storytelling is pretty much how it is described as well as how your team can make use of it in your pieces.

This blog is full of short posts written in a way that is quite comforting. It will help you understand how to craft impressive stories and inspire you to write. 

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8. CMO


The Adobe site, which is maintained by Adobe, contains many interesting pieces from a management perspective. Many articles are devoted to leadership and innovating as an executive. In addition, you can learn about data-driven marketing, AI, and marketing technology. 

As a result, you can use those new trends to impact your Content Marketing.

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9. MOZ


If you need help with SEO, MOZ is one of the best blogs to visit. They help marketers and business leaders learn:

  • They can learn the algorithms of search engines;
  • Discover new strategies, and develop their own websites.
  • They can also find out about new SEO technologies like machine learning.

Alternatively, if you need assistance on a specific topic, you are in the right place. Among the articles are ones on video SEO, local SEO, and search intent. 

As a result, you can jump between general how-to guides and specific posts and expand your knowledge.

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10. Rock Content

Rock Content

It is on Rock Content’s blog that you will find the best marketing methods and strategies. Topics range from specific guides to general topics including:

  • Content that is interactive.
  • Marketing strategy.
  • SEO.
  • Automated marketing.
  • Blogging live.
  • Real-time interaction.

But if you have technical questions about your blog’s infrastructure, there is also a section with information about hosting, website security, and content management systems.

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You must always try some novel marketing ideas every day if you are a marketer. The truth is, there are many challenges to overcome, but there are, fortunately, many tips for doing so.

You can also find these tips on the most popular Content Marketing blogs on the internet – such as the ones we have mentioned. 

It is possible to get creative ideas and solutions from other places too, such as videos and online conferences. Keep your eyes and ears open.

How do you like our list? Can you access those blogs? See this list of the top marketing Ted Talks for more insights on how to further your career. 

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