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In the cybersecurity market, it seems as if every new solution is almost immediately followed by a host of new challenges. This has been the reality of a market that is considered to be a top-priority as time goes by. The number of security breaches made has been increasing drastically and recent figures show that even big companies like Facebook are not safe. According to ITProPortal, 2018 saw at least 50 million users affected by a large-scale Facebook breach. Such figures go to show how hackers are getting inventive even in an age of technical know-how. Because of the huge cybersecurity threats, many companies are getting involved in creating solutions. We have compiled a list of some of the top cybersecurity startups to follow in 2019.

1. Zeguro


Zeguro is one of the startups that are providing a wide range of solutions for small and medium-sized companies. This startup has a platform that allows users to detect and identify cyber security threats. In addition to identification, the platform has a wide range of solutions for users. The virtual security officer that comes with the platform is capable of tackling a large number of threats. Zeguro is also an insurance platform that gives internet users relief in case they are attacked. With services like training, insurance, risk assessment, and overall management; Zeguro is a comprehensive platform that has great prospects in the industry. The platform has big plans for cyber insurance and other products.

2. Darktrace


Darktrace is a platform that has been around for several years now. The main feature of this platform is the ability to identify and respond to threats in real-time. This proposition is unique in that not many companies have such services in the market. The startup was launched in 2013 and it has seen positive growth over the years. One of the key reasons why Darktrace has been embraced by internet users is its effectiveness. With over 60,000 threats having been identified by the platform across the world, the platform is unique and there are not many other startups that can boast of such stature. The executives at the company believe that they will be able to solve more high-profile attacks with time as they bake in more features into the platform.

3. Cybereason


One of the main approaches that have been explored in recent years when it comes to tackling cybersecurity issues is the proactive identification of threats. Cybereason is one of the companies that have been a huge champion of this. Experts in the IT field have for a long time expressed the importance of real-time detection and resolution of threats. Jamie Cambell from, states that the technology available currently is good enough for proactive solutions. Cybereason has been using artificial intelligence to do tasks like monitoring in order to detect threats in a timely manner. As technology continues to evolve, it is expected that the speed of detection will be shortened. This is why the objectives of Cybereason are quite realistic for the current market.

4. Obsidian


When it comes to detecting threats, data is a crucial part of the process. Obsidian is a startup that has taken up the challenge to study how companies can use data science methods to tackle threats. This startup was founded in 2017 and it has been growing steadily over the time it has been on the market. At its launch, the founders stated that their goal was specifically on big enterprises that had challenges protecting their users’ data.

By using AI and machine-learning technologies, Obsidian hopes to make effective use of data science to detect and forestall cybersecurity threats.

5. PerimeterX


Finally, PerimeterX is a startup that has ventured into areas of emerging threats. While most threats in the market are carried out by actual humans using technology, some are often done by bots. Technology has evolved to the extent where programmed bots can be used to cause security challenges to businesses. PerimeterX is a company that has invested heavily in studying threats caused by bots.

This startup uses machine learning technologies for various identification processes. By establishing that certain threats are emanating from non-human entities, it becomes easier to tackle them before any damage is done. PerimeterX is, therefore, a company that is breaking the barriers when it comes to the sophistication of cyber threats. It is expected that bots will play a much bigger role in insecurity. This startup is thus one of those that will be interesting to watch over 2019 and coming years.

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