Instagram Access Token Generator

To generate an Instagram Access Token online for any Instagram account is very easy and can be done in a minute. There are some websites available online to generate the token. So, we are showing the method using one of the websites to generate your access token online.

Follow the below steps:

1) Log in Your Instagram Account First

You need to login into your Instagram account first to start this process.


2) Generate Access Token

There is an online website named Pixel Union, open this website into the browser by clicking the link on the website name. You will see a green button there. Hit that button once.


A popup will appear and ask you to allow your Instagram account media & profile basic information access. So, allow it by clicking the Authorize button.



After authorizing the permission in popup it will generate the access token for your account. You can copy and use the access token directly into your Instagram app.


We also made a small video tutorial, how this process takes place. Have look below in YouTube video about Instagram Access Token Generator.


The below Youtube video is about how to use Instagram Access Token into Instagram Feed Gallery Premium WordPress plugin configuration settings.

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How to Get Instagram Access Token

With the A WP LIFE Instagram Feed extension, you need to generate an access token to display your photos. These steps to get the Instagram Access Token.

 1 – Register Application

To get your Access Token, first, you have to register as a developer on the Instagram website. After registration, Instagram will provide your Client ID. Please visit site to get your ID.

2. Log in Instagram

To get a Client ID you need to be registered on Instagram. Create an account or log in using the existing account to get on to the next step.

3 – Register New App Client

Go to Manage Clients, and hit “Register a New Client” to register and gain API access.

Register your App

Fill out the form with your website data.

  • Application name: Do not use InstagramIGinsta or gram in your app name.
  • Description: Write any description you want.
  • Company name: Fill company name
  • Website URL: Fill Your Website URL.
  • Valid redirect URI: Fill Your Valid URL

Click Button To Register

4 – Copy or Save Client ID

Copy the Client ID, you will need the Client ID to generate the Access Token.

5.  Get Instagram Access Token using the Client ID & Client Secret

Click The link  and  generate your Instagram Access token

Download Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

  Download Instagram Feed