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How To Start Your Own WordPress Site On A Budget

More and more people face the need to create a site. Such a need is quite natural in modern conditions. After all, to be afloat you have to be present in the online space. But as soon as a person approaches closer to this issue, he meets with many nuances.

The first is the difficulty in creating the site yourself. The second is the high cost of using the services of professionals. But does this mean that it is impossible to cope with these two nuances on your own? Of course not. Today you will learn how to make a website on WordPress on a budget.

Learn Free WordPress Guidelines

To make your work on the site less costly, you have to devote your time to training. No, we are not talking about paid courses. There are a lot of methodological information and guides that are available for free on the Internet. Finding such information does not require much work. Start with the simplest. Watch training videos on YouTube, read articles.

Many professionals use free information rather than paid courses or manuals. Therefore, you should act in the same way. It is quite possible to squeeze the maximum of useful information from free sources. So all you need is desire and time.

Get a Hosting For a Price of a Cup of Coffee

This is one of the first things you will encounter and probably the most expensive in our guide. Although later you will realize that these costs will be equal to a cup of coffee.

WordPress does not provide its own domain like many other CRMs. But do not consider this as a drawback of this tool. For example, Wix provides its users with a domain, but then you will not be able to migrate the site to another one.

Therefore, all you need is just to choose a hosting provider that will offer favorable conditions. For example, GoDaddy will cost only 4.99 dollars. You can also consider BlueHost which requires a monthly fee starting at $3. SiteGround prices starting at $3,95 per year.

Now you see that hosting has affordable prices that simply will not affect your financial situation.

Create a Theme Like a Real Web Designer

WordPress is famous for its wide range of different themes in the field of design and pricing. If you have a limited budget, then there is no need to spend a lot of money on it. Many people mistakenly believe that it is possible to get amazing design only through financial investments. But in practice, this is far from the case!

You will be able to create a unique and attractive website at no special cost. All you need to do is spend a little of your time studying how you can customize the theme without extra money.

Moreover, WordPress allows extensive customization of themes in manual mode. So after you study the methodological information, you will not have any difficulties with this issue. Nothing prevents you from making design no worse than web designers can do on your own!

Graphic and Content Filling Yourself? It Is Quite Real!

Many beginners immediately rush for help to specialists who are responsible for the graphics and content without having tried to do it yourself. But in fact, it is quite possible and not as difficult as it might seem. Naturally, this will take time, but when the question is about dollars, it is better to sacrifice time. Since the cost of the services of designers and copywriters can cause a serious blow to your wallet.

Today there are many tools that allow you to make graphic elements for free and even without installing special applications. You can use a tool like Canva. Users note its ease of use and of course free features. Need a banner or graphic for your publications? No problem! Look at a couple of guides on working with this tool and try yourself in the role of a graphic designer, it is quite easy.

Content can be a little trickier, especially if you’ve never created content before. But you have a key advantage over experts. You know about your business like no other, which means you can make better and deeper articles. If your goal is to create a blog, then naturally, only you should create all the text material. Do not worry if you have difficulty writing content. There are many useful online tools to help you do this. Here are the main ones you need to pay attention to:

  • If you want to check grammar and punctuation, then use the online Grammarly tool. Moreover, free features will be enough for you to make the text literate and clear.
  • Be sure to check your text for uniqueness. Remember that non-unique content can drown your site. You can check the uniqueness of the text in Copyscape and Duplichecker.
  • If you do not know what to write about and need new ideas, then try using the Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator.

It is worth noting that you can use these tools for free. But to achieve maximum results, you may need to buy a premium version. If you do not have extra money for this, you can consider assistance from LendGenius. But you can squeeze the maximum even from free features in most cases.

Make Your Personal Brand to Get Recognized

To make your site look unique and recognizable, users need to come up with their own personal tips. This item will not require any financial investments if you give free rein to your creativity and imagination. Formulate your catchphrase, which will be appropriate for many publications. Think about creating a personal logo that you will use to promote on social networks. You can do this in the online tool Canva you already know. For the first time, this may not seem like an easy task. Nevertheless, this can increase the flow of users to your site, as something creative and original always attracts people’s attention.

Think About SEO Promotion

Many people think that working on SEO involves a daily effort. But in fact, you just need to think about it once and then everything will go smoothly for you. Therefore, there is a need for a well thought out site map. Create a clear site structure and then think through each individual page.

You also need to consider making your content SEO-optimized. Think about which keywords are most relevant to your site and publications and do not forget about them in your texts. Such words are quite able to attract traffic to your site.

The Final Thoughts

Now you see that creating a site on WordPress without significant financial costs is quite realistic. Of course, for full-fledged work and serious promotion, you need financial investments, but for the first time, there is no need to invest hundreds of dollars. Most of the work for which usually hire specialists you can do independently.

Think about what you can do yourself, and where you need special help. Try to start on your own, and after that, consider the help of experts. Modern technologies provide enough opportunities to make a good website cheap. So do not doubt your strength and make a unique website now. And maybe you will discover in yourself web design or SEO promotion talents.


Mónica Rodríguez is a writer, art historian, and editor located in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. She specializes in Art History, Art Conservation, Finance, Tech, History, Literature, Wellness, and Travel. In her free time, she’s usually roaming the halls of the museum or the local bookstore surrounded by stacks of books.

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