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5 most amazing ways to increase WordPress Speed

According to WordPress Statistics, around 33% of all sites in existence use WordPress and 60% of CMS-built sites are powered by WordPress. It’s a huge number that makes webmaster or developer more responsible to create a website with the great user experience.

Each one of us seems to be in a hurry these days and this applies those dealing with online work too. At times, one is not able to load content faster and WordPress initiatives seem a waste of effort.

If you are too among the lot who has developed this type of perception, the same needs to be changed. Research carried out so far on distinct aspects of WordPress websites points out that these websites perform optimally in terms of conversion rates, usability, Search Engine Optimization, likeability of the WordPress platform and the time that most people spend browsing.

However, another aspect that iE of prime concern is the speed aspect. Below are listed some quality tips and suggestions that will help 5 most amazing ways to increase WordPress Speed.

1. Updating Every essential

Before adhering to this tip a useful hint for all the WordPress users. As you hit the update button you should create a backup. If thinking of updating your WordPress installations, WordPress themes, and plugins, the process can be a fruitful and worthy exercise if the WordPress products are used keeping in mind the best practices devised by WordPress.

Remember that any WordPress theme should essentially cater only to the visuals and should not be thought about to be used for any other purpose.

If you update the WordPress installation, plugins and themes the speed will increase considerably as each of the update done in such a manner will improve stability and functionality of your WordPress endeavor.

2. Using A Theme That Is Not Bloated

At times you might have noticed that the WordPress website is loading slower than its original speed. This happens primarily because of the template. This might happen due to the reason that a lot of graphics are present on the site or the site has a range of bulky codes. Inefficient functions could be the other probable reason for this problem.

A viable solution to overcome this problem is to have a simpler theme.

The market is full of a number of heavy, bloated WordPress themes and it is much likely that you might get tempted to try any one of these. Consider the scenario where a theme might be having a built-in portfolio functionality feature.

You might consider using the same but you should remain prepared for the eventuality that the developer might pull his hands back and stop providing you all the updates and support that are vital for smooth functioning of the same.

The premium WordPress themes as available on Mojo themes can be tried but one has to be well conversant with the theme review guidelines else you could find yourself in a tight spot.

A better course of action to pursue is, to begin with, free default WordPress themes and add features and styles later on as the need arises. These can be added using CSS and various plugins.

3. Using Cache Plugins

You might have heard or come across this tip probably before also, but might not have tried using this tip for increasing the speed of your WordPress endeavor. The time for using this time tested tip has come now.

Using Cache plugins works wonder for your WordPress endeavor if given a chance. Two cache plugins, in particular, are of much significance. These include the WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

You will not need to enable all the essentials, just focus on basic stuff like page cache, and browser cache. You can also try enabling the CDN option for a better experience.

4. Using Text Advertisements

Given the advent of online business, chances are bright that your business runs on online advertisement component. These advertisements can be in the form of images, text, or in javascript form. There is a probability that these might be hosted on your own or someone else’s server.

If the advertisements are loading slower, you can well try using the link or text option. In case using images is imperative for the success of your endeavor, you must try hosting these images by yourself.

5. Switching The Hosting Company

You must do qualitative research on distinct hosting companies too. You can send each of the hosting company an email and get to know about their response time as well as the desired customer support before finalizing your priorities.

Additionally, you can try speed optimization tests for your WordPress platform. Tools as Pingdom and Webpage test will help you accomplish this objective.

Follow the above-listed tips and you will be able to increase WordPress speed remarkably. Doing so is imperative, given the tough competition that prevails in the online market.

Go for it and reap the benefits.

Author Bio: Arun is an experienced Technical content writer at Hopinfirst, a leading mobile app development company which provide best ios app development and Android app development Services.

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