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Optimizing Your WordPress Sites For Voice Search

As technological advancement is increasing with time, humans are looking to create and develop easier ways to live their lives. The internet is a massive source of information that millions of people use every day. Voice search is an innovative advancement which allows users to use a voice command to search their queries on the internet. As a result, an increased number of questions on such engines are in the form of voice search as compared to keyword input. This has a dominant and remarkable impact on search engine optimization. Apart from voice search, companies can use the influence of social media for optimizing business.

We will first discuss and emphasize the importance of voice search to optimize WordPress sites, and then we will learn how to achieve this optimization.

A New Trend Heading Towards Future Success:

A New Trend Heading Towards Future Success

Some surveys were conducted in recent times, supporting the increased influence of increased voice search on the internet. More and more users are opting for voice search turning it to be a trendsetter soon. Result of the quests at a gallop is equipped by voice search.

One of the leading trends in SEO is the optimization of websites through voice search. According to voice search statistics, 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information in the last year. Every WP based website needs to opt for this new phenomenon of optimization. Therefore, this urges WordPress companies in getting prepared to benefit from this feature to compete in the market.

To Enhance Your Web-based Marketing:

With an increased number of queries, voice search will undoubtedly have a long-run impact. Search queries are turning longer, more definite, and precise. The importance of context has increased, and direct answers are remarkable. Voice search optimization makes your site more noticeable on Google, resulting in getting more traffic from the users browsing for products or services offered by your company. Furthermore, indexing WordPress site on Google can also help to increase the number of website visitors.

To enhance your web-based marketing and diverting extended traffic, you need to opt for voice search optimization as you are competing in an assorted market. This will help you to content in business and gives you a dominant edge over business rivals.

Tips To Utilize Voice Search As SEO

As we have discussed the benefits, we will now advice you some practical tips to better utilize this innovative tool to increase SEO for your WordPress sites.

a) Quick Page Loading:

This is the most prominent feature of voice search to improve SEO. As per a study, a page searched through voice search loads faster than the search through keyword input.“If you need to rank high for your WordPress site in voice search you have to load it fast,” suggests, NickBenson, Sr. WordPress / PHP Developer at Crowd Writer.

As there are many kinds of performance indicators which modifies your site, but its infrastructure will consistently define the speed of your website. You need to invest more to maximize the speed of your site so that voice search will be used to its maximum extent to increase optimization.

b) Role Of Structured Data In Voice Search

For the optimization of websites, structured data for voice search is an imperative factor. It assists to extend the result of searching, which reinforces your business. It is optimal to use structured data for searching objective. The other fundamental benefit of structured data is helping search engines to assist the users more accurately in getting the required information. This is achieved by recognizing the content features and applying related response depending on the need of the user.

c) Schema Is The Key

Schema Is The Key

Schema can be referred to as a visual representation of a database and instructions that operate it. When a company uses schema markup for classifying words and sentences on their website, it helps the search engine to organize the content on the page. This promotes voice searches to get optimized, thus diverting users to the site. This will be beneficial for your website to get higher SEO.

Schema will increase the online presence of your WordPress to get more optimization of voice search. It is mandatory to leverage your website with benefits of schema markup so that it could get more search results. Although in comparison to faster page load, schema is not as assertive to voice searches; still, it does not require any additional input, thus giving another push to your WP site optimization.

In A Nutshell

Advanced technology has made voice search a new phenomenon. Instead of keyboard-based search, website users prefer voice search. The scope of research in voice search is worthwhile. It is getting better with every passing day, and word recognition errors are getting down. Many sites haven’t still started optimizing it actively for voice search. Thus it is high time for you to optimize your WordPress sites to leverage this new and expanding trend.

Author Bio:

Stella Lincoln is currently working as a Front-End Developer at AcademistHelp and a freelance Website Designer. She is interested in writing blogs and articles and often writes for renowned tech magazines. In her leisure time, she likes to be at home watching sports and historical documentaries.

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