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ONE Membership by TemplateMonster Review: The Ultimate Kit for Web Development

ONE by TemplateMonster is a membership, which opens access to the countless number of HTML templates, WordPress themes, as well as various plugins and many other web development tools. I do think that this subscription service is one of the greatest deals on the web design market so far, since it provides you with, no exaggeration, a huge number of quite cool web design tools for an affordable price. So let me tell you more about my experience with ONE membership.

Template Monster ONE Membership

What Is ONE?

As I have already mentioned, ONE subscription is the very service that will provide you with literally thousands of various web design products such as web templates and themes, must-have plugins, and many other quite useful tools. To be more precise, this very membership will equip you with more than 2000 fully functional E-commerce templates, over 2000 fancy E-commerce templates, and 40 useful plugins. And last but not least, you can download any items as many times as you want and need as long as your subscription is active.

Who Will Definitely Benefit from ONE Membership?

Everything about ONE is great, however, unfortunately, it might not work for everybody. So let’s figure out which particular groups will benefit from having this subscription service the most. Well, ONE membership will perfectly work for:

  • Bloggers who need lovely WordPress themes for their blogs;
  • Web developers who need various templates, themes, and other tools for their projects;
  • Website owners who want to have fancy fully functional themes on their websites;
  • Entrepreneurs who have to launch several websites for their business.

In general, this subscription service will be pretty useful for everybody whose job of activity is connected with web design, e-commerce, and internet as a whole.

How Much Does It Cost?

ONE is quite an affordable subscription service. The membership has only one pricing plan, which is $19 per month or $229 per year. Besides, pretty often TemplateMonster makes generous discounts on this very service, so you can get it for really ridiculous money, which is awesome.

How Much Template Monster cost?

Moreover, you will not have to worry about money transaction issues, since the company uses secure payment policy. So you can easily pay with Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal without worrying about losing your money.

At the same time, if for any reason you are not satisfied with ONE membership, you can always cancel your subscription and get a full money refund. However, note that you will only get your money back, if you did not download anything from ONE library.

What Exactly Will ONE Membership Provide You with?

ONE Web Development Kit Membership opens its subscribers access to such items as:

  • 139 WooCommerce themes;
  • 804 WordPress themes;
  • 101 Elementor templates;
  • 28 PrestaShop modules;
  • 13 WordPress plugins;
  • 480 Magento themes;
  • 608 PrestaShop themes;
  • 457 OpenCart templates;
  • 275 Shopify themes;
  • 3020 PSD templates;
  • 221 VirtueMart templates;
  • 14 PowerPoint templates;
  • 1476 CMS templates;
  • 209 Landing Page templates.
What Exactly Will ONE Membership Provide?

Well, I guess you see that this subscription service has a truly decent library, which contains pretty much everything one might ever need for creating a fancy website.

ONE Licensing

ONE membership has a very simple and easy to comprehend yearly license. But, what is more important for you, is that fact that ONE license is unlimited. In other words, you can use the items from the ONE library as many times as you need, which is awesome, isn’t it? Well, now let’s look through some licensing key points:

  • You have access to an unlimited number of items during one year since your purchase;
  • Your clients can only use the products from the subscription service as parts of end-products;
  • You cannot use the items from ONE library after your license expires;
  • You cannot claim any rights for any products within the subscription;
  • You cannot share, resale, or distribute the products from ONE library.

Once your license expires, you do not have the access to ONE library anymore, however, your end-products will still work properly and get regular updates. Besides, you can always prolong your subscription and continue using the items from the library.

ONE Subscription Service User Experience

ONE is, in my opinion, a user-friendly service. Once you signed up and logged in, you can easily find all the items you need in a super easy to navigate ONE library.

ONE Subscription Service User Experience

Besides, downloading the items from the library is really easy and fast. You just press the ‘Download’ button, select your installation options and that is pretty much it. Easy as it is. Then you open a zip file, which you just downloaded, and start working with the item you got.

ONE Subscription - downloading the items

Moreover, you will also have a list with all the items you downloaded in chronological order, so if you need a particular item again, you can easily find it there.

downloaded in chronological order

Furthermore, ONE subscribers get regular discounts and deals on TemplateMonster’s bestsellers, which is also pretty great, isn’t it?

ONE subscribers get regular discounts and deals.

ONE vs the Competitors

ONE membership is not the cheapest subscription service in the web design marketplace. At the same time, this very subscription service offers the most. If you compare the number of items ONE provides you with the amount of items other similar services offer, you will see that ONE has way more items and products than its competitors. Just have a look at this comparison chart to make sure that ONE indeed is the most beneficial subscription service.

TemplateMonster ONE vs elegant vs themify

ONE Cons and Pros


  • Unlimited license;
  • Affordable price;
  • Secure payment policy;
  • A huge number of items in the library;
  • The end-products work after the expiration of the license.


  • A rather small number of plugins.

Final Word

ONE membership by TemplateMonster has really impressed me. This very subscription service has a simply crazy amount of useful web development tools for just $19 bucks a month. I daresay that ONE membership will equip you with literally everything you might ever need for building a countless number of fully functional and fancy websites.

Certainly, despite the fact that ONE is not the cheapest option, its price is a huge advantage, since you get a tremendous number of items just for $229 per year. So I do think that this is the most beneficial subscription service, especially for those of you who create lots of websites.

So will I prolong my ONE subscription once it expires? Yes! Do I recommend ONE to all the web developers out there? Absolutely!

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