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A Few Key Technologies in Modern Software Development

Software is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. Software development in itself is a set of computer science processes that help design, create, support and deploy software. Software development is a field that changes constantly. The technologies, frameworks and programming languages used in this field may die within a few years of development.

A few technologies that had a huge role in the transformation of software development are blockchain, virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence. These technologies have a limitless potential and can literally change the world as we know it. Software development companies need to work hard and keep up with modern technologies and become skilled in them. This is a matter of survival for many businesses, which is why many firms including custom service providers such as Fortyseven software professionals only hire skilled developers that are aware of the modern technological trends and keep up with them. We have often experienced how small startups developed into multi-billion dollar companies and left famous companies behind that excelled in the area for years.

Key technologies in software development

Key technologies in software development

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has changed many businesses all over the world, and software development is no exception. It can also be referred to as machine learning (MI). It supports traditional processes and presents AI-based modern solutions and tools. Software developers use many development tools, but still, most of the software systems’ components need to be manually managed. That is where AI comes in. AI has helped many companies be ahead in the competition. Artificial intelligence has helped software development in the following ways.

Rapid prototyping

Software development is time-consuming for various business requirements. Developers make use of AI and develop algorithms that reduce this time. Examples of such technologies are visual interfaces of natural languages that can identify historical patterns and then track them. 

Development assistants

Developing and preparing codes with the help of intelligent development assistants can help save a lot of time. They give timely support and recommendations. This saves you hours of reading project documents. They also assist with code debugging and offer code examples and required libraries etc.

Handling errors and analytics automation

Software developers can save a lot of time by letting the development assistants asses the system logs. This allows timely detection of errors and their proactive correction without needing any human intervention.

Automatic code refactoring

Every developer always wants a clean code. Tools that are powered by AI allow simple code refactoring. This can prove very beneficial in upgrades where refactoring and maintenance is required on a large scale.

Decision making

AI analyzes the present and past projects along with their performances. It obtains experience from their mistakes. This is known as smart programming. This allows programmers to recognize loopholes and strengthen risk assessment.


Blockchain is not a singular entity, it is rather a time-stamped data that cannot be changed and is managed by a bunch of computers. It is very useful for the transparent transfer of data. It is like an unbreakable electronic ledger that keeps a record of all economic transactions. It is called blockchain because it follows the principle of the chain, where every single block is securely connected to the other. The user can observe and add a record to the software database. However, he/she cannot remove or modify any record in any form. This proves the integrity of the process. This technology is increasingly being used in software and web development. Blockchain operated software systems have the following key features.

  • Blockchain operated software copies and saved the data in thousands of systems. This confirms the security of the data. The copy of the blockchain code is secured with each node.
  • Blockchain operated software systems confirm the transaction requirements before moving on to the process of validation.
  • Blockchain operated software systems use consensus algorithms to keep the records of transactions in the form of interlinked blocks.
  • All the transactions in BOS have the basis of public-key cryptography.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality or AR is a technology that lets you overlay virtual objects in the real-world in real-time. This way, the virtual reality can interact with the real world. Augmented reality tries to inter-mingle the images of the real world with that of the computer-generated ones. This changes the perception of reality by the addition of images, sounds, infographics, and other such details. AR has found use in but is not limited to the industry of archeology, construction and visual artwork.

Continuous delivery and deployment

The software development processes of the past were time-consuming and required a lot of effort. New features had to be combined together on one release. This meant that the user had to wait until the coding, development and approval process was done, only then could it be downloaded. Continuous delivery and deployment have combined two very popular demands of modern times in software development, i-e delivery and deployment. This technology allows programmers to develop the feature, test, fix issues and release the software as soon as possible. 

Continuous delivery and deployment

Internet of things

Internet of things or IoT may not be the key technology, but it is becoming increasingly popular. It is surrounding the whole world around us. Internet connectivity is no longer just used with computers and mobile phones. Now you have smart microwaves and Bluetooth trackers that you can control from anywhere. As technologies like 5g come into play, more gadgets can take advantage of IoT and making the future for IoT exciting. It is gaining popularity because the IoT makes connecting with the world around us much easier.


There is always a lot to learn if you are in the technology world. As the digital transformation grows, it changes the development technologies continuously. That is why, you have to be aware of the key and trending technologies if you want to have a leg-up in the competition. The most popular and key technologies these days in software development are artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, augmented reality, continuous delivery and deployment, and the internet of things. AI and IoT are gaining more domination over the IT sector as time goes by.

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