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Best Tricks to Implement LSI Keywords To Rev Up Your SEO

The question that how Google relates, compares and searches different terms must have triggered your mind ever. LSI also referred to as latent semantic indexing, plays a considerable role in it. It is a method that guides Google and other big search engines to evaluate terms and establishes relationships between them. Businesses use these keywords to establish better visibility, attain higher ranking and good traffic toward their websites.

Defining LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are generally those phrases and words that have been highlighted in the description occurring at search results. These are the closest words to original keywords.

On the basis of the main keywords, Google returns these related keywords in the search query.

These keywords are the expanded results of original terms and phrases. These allow search engines to offer a better amount of results in the search query.

Older content is revived, relevant results are yielded and one can expect higher search ranking. Apart from this, these can be used in multiple ways to boost SEO ranking.

LSI Keywords Working Description

We use Google to search term such as “custom made chocolates”. In return, Google shows relevant keywords and phrases. And, it will also show pages that are similar and related to that specific term. These related and relevant words are defined as LSI keywords. For example, you searched for custom made chocolates, so the search can be:

Custom homemade chocolate
Custom chocolates at the best price
Custom chocolates of different flavors

Injecting LSI Keywords in Description

Well-targeted meta descriptions play a key role in SEO. It is good to insert prime keyword and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in your description as it encourages Google to prioritize your content. This will improve your search results as well as ranking. If you use LSI, Google’s algorithm will provide a better rating on your content.

The strategy of Implementing LSI

It is a good practice to inject two semantic keywords along with the main keywords in your content.

LSI supplements the prime keywords without replacing them. It acts as the helper.

Make sure you do not disturb your main keywords as it will not result in higher ranking. LSI works wonderfully in conjunction with the prime keywords.

Limit LSI keywords to two, do not go beyond that otherwise it will lead to keywords stuffing. This will help in two ways. First, it allows you to stay away from Google penalty of keyword stuffing. Second, it also helps you get recovered if you are already under Google’s penalty. Without overdoing it, you can yield desired results.

For more ravishing results, you can optimize an image. In case, you have been using an older image, again and again, rename it with LSI keyword to reap better results.

Benefits of implementing LSI Keywords

  • Higher Ranking

With long tail latent semantic indexing keywords, you can enjoy a higher position in search engine results. Semantic optimization strategy owns a great relevance and you can stand ahead of your competitors by utilizing it in the best manner.

  • Reduced Spamming

LSI lessens the likelihood of getting your content spam label by search engines. This process helps you optimize your content in a way that search engine can identify that your content is for human readers than the search engines.

  • Increased Conversions

You target keywords that are more specific and people find them easily. This allows you to enjoy a higher conversion rate. It enables you to run the short split test for the landing pages as you can own a better sample size along with a low volume of high converting traffic.

  • Lesser Bounce Rate

The users are able to get more accurate content, so the bounce rate will lessen automatically. If they search for something, the results are according to their specific needs.

Final Words

Thus, learn the ways to use LSI in your anchor text, Alt tags, headers, etc and improve your search results. Wherever you incorporate latent semantic indexing, make sure it has a context over there. Do not be a business that uses LSI without context. It may lead to bad instead of good. So, be wise, use it correctly and enjoy the desired results.

Author Bio

Tom Hardy is a digital marketing expert associated with Sparx IT Solutions, a renowned online marketing company in India. Having a flair for writing, he keeps sharing different marketing tips through his write-ups.

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