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What Is 3D Printing All You Need To Know

3D printing is known as desktop fabrication or additive manufacturing technique. It is a prototyping process where a real object is created from a 3D digital design. The 3D printer creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials layer by layer following the object’s 3D digital model. In 2009 the first commercially available low-cost 3D printer model was released. Let’s get started and know deeply about 3D Printing.

3D Printing And Its Uses

This technique allows people to create or manufacture an object that they imagine even if they sitting at home. 3D printing makes easy to manufacture complex object within minutes. And 3D printers create an object layer by layer to create complex shapes.

Lots of people have already set up the 3D printer in their homes. 3D printers technologies and processes continue to grow people can make smaller to bigger things like a keychain to even a house. China builds 10 Houses with A 3D printer within A day!

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How does 3D Printing Work?

Like a normal printer that prints documents 3D printers almost working like that

You can divide the process of 3D printing in 3steps.

First Step:  The first step to design your object for printing and prepare a 3D file (A 3D file is an electronic file representing a three-dimensional object.) And you can get the 3D file from different sources like you can design it by CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software or from any marketplace – AMAZON, PINSHAPE after you finalize your design you can go for the step 2.

If you are a beginner you can also check out for free learning classes from Tinkercad

Second Step: After your design is complete you have to choose the material that meets the requirement of your object.

Slicing from 3D Model to 3D Printer – 3D printing work with layer on layer concept so you need to slice or brakes the model into thousands of horizontal layers. You can do slicing with slicing software. After the slicing, the file is ready to be fed to your 3D printer.

Third Step: Or the finalize possess, When you fed (the fed process can be done by USB, Internet ) the slicing file in your 3D printer than its start the process to creating the object in a layer by layer form.

The variety of materials used in 3D printing is different from different types of objects like soft toys to strong metal. It includes plastics, ceramics, resins, metals, sand, textiles, biomaterials, glass and food.

What Can I Create with a 3D Printer?

What Can I Create with a 3D Printer

When you have a device like a 3D printer it’s up to you what you want to create with it you can make toys, food items, design or personalize your things or you can create commercial products and sell them you can start earning money.

Here is the list of some bizarre but unique things created with 3D Printers.

  1. A Working Gun
  2. Hand Made Camera Lens
  3. Rigid Heddle Loom
  4. 3D Fetus
  5. 3D Printed Medical Models
  6. Ipad Stand
  7. Hanging Light
  8. Coffee cup
  9. 3D high heel

What Materials are Available for 3D Printing?

What Materials are Available for 3D Printing

You may think that 3D printer uses plastic as its material not quit including with plastic there is more option available like metal, wood, nylon, glass, etc. If you are want to create personal usable things you can use plastic or metal-coated filaments. In industrial 3D printing is much expensive and they use ceramics, wax, paper, and sandstones.

Fused Deposition Molding (FDM) is among the most popular 3D printing techniques. It is also an affordable option for the 3D printing process compared to other 3D printing technologies.

SLS Technology or Laser sintering is a 3D printing technique consisting of the fabrication. This is used commonly for the creation of complex and interlocking object forms. It is available for Plastic and Alumide.

What do I Need to Start 3D Printing?

#1 Select A Design

First, you need a software that helps to design your imaginary object like CAD. If you don’t know anything about CAD software you don’t need to worry, you can also use other designer’s work on Thingiverse, Yeggi, STL Finder, and GrabCAD you can find a variety of different types of design here. Another option you can find freelance 3D designers.

#2 Choose Your Material

If you want to make non-commercial products or something like toys and personal stuff you can use a material like plastic, nylon. When the first object created with a 3D printer its was made with plastic. If your object is stong like spare parts then you have to use metal. Laser Sintering (SLS) printers fuse designs to create some of the toughest objects you can print—NASA and SpaceX have used this technique for rocket-engine parts.

#3 Printing

The easiest part in all the processes just connect your 3D Printer and see the magic. Before you connect your 3D printer with the computer you need to slice your 3D design with slicing software you can get it free from Cura. If buying a printer out of your budget you can use it from other sources like from school or some organization that can provide 3D Printers for trial use. After the printing process finished you need to finalize your product like coating, coloring, and finishing.

Who Uses 3D Printing?

3D Printed Objects

3D printing is growing continuously and using from individuals to the big organization even NASA and SpaceX have used 3D printing for rocket-engine parts. Let’s see who uses 3D printing.


3D printing also using among designers they made their final product with 3D printing also uses with relly complex designs like shoe designs, furniture, wax castings for making jewelry, makeup tools.


3D printers may best friends for a student’s its help to learn their project with live practical so it is also popular among students they create their project easily and effectively with 3D printers

Doctors & Dentists

Doctors and dentists use 3D printing for creating the object and they can easily be customized for their patients.

3D printing may a replacement of traditional manufacturing, the average waste from traditional manufacturing is 21% of the materials. Not only does 3D printing reduce the overall waste of materials to below 10%, but it also reduces carbon emissions substantially. 

Wrapping up

We hope you learn something new about this topic. The 3D printing industry continues to change depending on many factors such as budget, design, and demand. Choosing the appropriate 3D printing process as well as the right material is really important. 3D printing gives the best results with less waste of time and money. 3D printing improves the creation of prototypes and it encourages the designers to innovate something different.

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