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The Evolution of The Windows Logo - How Has One of The Most Popular Logo Changed

The Evolution of The Windows Logo-How Has One of The Most Popular Logo Changed

Microsoft was founded close to 45 years ago. It is one of the companies that has a ubiquitous presence in the world. The majority of the world has used its services. Especially with computer software.

Microsoft produces the Windows Operating System software that runs millions of computers around the world. Many computers come pre-installed, thanks to a debt made many years ago.

One of the most outstanding things about it is its logo. Over the years, as the company grew, its logo changed significantly. These changes represented its advancements through time. Employing the best graphic designers from the best organizations ensures that the logo design process enables the company to come up with the best logo. Involvement of employees in the production of logos helps for it to be adopted and accepted easily.

Here is a highlight of the evolution of the Windows logo over the years of its existence.


When Microsoft started, Bill Gates and his co-founder Paul Allen designed the first Microsoft logo.

This logo was a disco age representation of the company with each letter of the word drawn in multiple lines. At this time, this logo was appropriate for the period. It was a simple, attractive logo that two young software developers could make then.


As time went by and technology advanced Microsoft changed its logo. 1980 is the year it partnered with IBM to have their machines run on Windows OS.

At this period, the logo changed its font to use block slanting words. This was thanks to a new font typeface. The logo changed to feature bold and black words. The logo looked similar to that of the rock band Metallica.

With the resemblance to a rock band’s logo, the Windows logo had a trendy feel and look to it.


As technology and the company changed and grew, there were different realignments in the focus of the business. This forced the company to rebrand. With the rebrand, came a new logo.

This new logo was made in Sans serif font. The letter O between Micro and Soft was made up of three concentric circles and horizontal lines within it.

This O had a life of its own within the company and was named “Blibbet”. When Microsoft decided to rebrand, many of its people wanted to keep the Blibbet. However, it’s time had already passed and there was a need for a rebrand to get a representation of the new path Microsoft had taken.

The introduction of the Windows user interface.


This was a significant year for Microsoft. This year, Microsoft developed a user interface for their operating software and transitioned from the use of the disk MS-DoS software.

This time, Microsoft added Windows to its logo. The word Windows was made more prominent than the word Microsoft on this logo. It was made in Sans serif font and the color blue.


Further, the Windows icon of four asymmetric boxes was added. They were blue to represent new ideas and innovations that the company was undertaking.


In 1992, Microsoft changed its logo with the introduction of updates to its software.

The logo now had a wave behind its now multi-colored four-box asymmetrical icon. These waves on the logo were intended to represent motion. To show that Microsoft was not stuck in one position.

1992 – 1993

The different colored icons also represented a growing portfolio of Microsoft products.


This year, there was an update on the Windows software and it was introduced as a Windows 95. This necessitated a rebrand and the logo changed slightly with the rebrand. There was a transformation in the word and icon placement on the logo.

1994 — 1995


Another update on the software that led to the introduction of Windows 98. This came with another logo update. This logo was increasingly modern, having made use of a contemporary, professional and creative logo maker that added finer edges on the text by using Sans Serif font. This logo style has also been adopted by many online and technology brands.



With the introduction of Windows XP, the logo design this time eliminated the thick lines and added depth.

2001 — 2014


This year saw the introduction of Windows Vista. The accompanying logo update eliminated words and only left the four-pane icon in a blue circle.

2006 — 2017


The logo design this year changed completely. Their logo designer did away with the flag and left the four-pane window in a single color next to a similar color Windows label.

2012 — 2016


The panes now have rounded edges and different shades of blue. However, it is still based on the 2012 design.

2020 — Today


Microsoft has had a long history in the technology industry. As it has kept on improving its most used product, the Windows OS, there has been a need to update its visual representation. From back in the day, it has used modern techniques of logo making.

Its last update has kept up with the standard and is a contemporary logo equal to or even greater than many upcoming technology companies.

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