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5 Elements Of Your Business You Can Improve With Design

Appearances are everything and when it comes to your business, it’s important to look the part in every way you present yourself to the public. Whether it’s online via your social media channels or in-person within your office and at work events. 

Create Brand Identity Across Your Social Media Platforms

There are lots of areas in your business that can benefit from design to impress both your existing clients and any potential ones that might be looking your way. If you’re looking to elevate your business when it comes to it’s look, then here are five elements of your business that you can improve with design.

Create Brand Identity Across Your Social Media Platforms

Regardless of how many social media platforms you’re on, it’s important to keep brand consistency across all your online platforms, just like you would in reality. It’s a way of being recognized by your existing customers and noticed by potential customers. 

Design can help you to tweak and change every element of your content in border to make it more relevant to the brand’s image. Your website is also another area that you want to concentrate when it comes to your branding because your website’s design can end up looking quite dated after a few years. 

As the internet browsers update their theme and design, it’s important for you to do the same. And guaranteed, your competitors will be doing it too. There are some great tools and software worth using when it comes to designing your content and you should try to focus on quality, rather than quantity.

Creating brand identity is essential nowadays, particularly with the competition that the internet has bought over the past few years or so. Focus on providing the best design when it comes to your content and branding across all your social media channels. If you feel like your brand design is missing something, then try to seek inspiration from others online.

Use Piktochart For Design Presentations, Projects and Reports

Piktochart can be a great platform for any design projects that you’re responsible for creating. With a lot of design projects, they tend to be used for a lot of marketing material, which might need to be assessed when it comes to how well it’s performed to your target audience.

Creating a presentation can be a challenge, especially if you’ve not made one before and want to avoid making it look boring. However, platforms like Piktochart can take care of the design and layout, meaning all you need to worry about is providing the right data and information.

You can create engaging presentations either from scratch or using one of Piktochart’s presentation templates. It’s a good idea to try out their free templates to get an idea of how this tool can help you, especially when it comes to presenting your presentation to clients or your boss. 

Piktochart is also helpful in creating infographics, flyers, posters and reports. Infographics tend to do quite well online, so it’s worth generating these where possible for your audience. It’s useful to have a range of platforms and tools that you use when it comes to your design work.

Use Piktochart For Design Presentations, Projects and Reports

Test The Usability Of Your Products With Maze Design

For many businesses, it’s important to do testing on products to see how they work before you go selling them online or in-person. What makes Maze Design a good platform to use, is that it allows you to import an existing prototype from whatever design tool you’re using. 

Testing your product’s usability usually involves a variety of features, from task analysis, A/B testing, heatmaps, etc. With Maze, it can allow you to run research surveys and to also collect user feedback which can be critical early on in the design process.

For usability of products online, it can be really helpful when you have Maze’s reporting ability to collect results such as completion rates, time spent and misclick rates. Usability testing tools are an important part of a design process and with Maze they offer both free and paid-for options. 

The success of a product or feature can be determined by how much work you put in behind the scenes. Usability testing can be very handy to help satisfy your users and it’s good to take advantage of tools like Maze that can help with that.

Designing A Functional Website

It’s already been mentioned above but alongside your social media, your website plays a big part in converting leads to sales. Whether they’ve come organically through the search engines or via your social media platforms, your website plays a big part in the success of your business.

Nowadays, there are so many people with a presence on the internet. In fact, according to Data Reportal, there’s 4.66 billion people around the world that use the internet. That’s around 60% of the earth’s population. As a business, you don’t want to miss out on that potential reach, especially if there’s a possibility that you may be able to go global.

It’s not just the website’s overall look that the design influences but it also impacts the performance of your website on desktop and mobile devices. In general, more people tend to use their mobile phones to access the internet than desktop because mobile is something you can use whilst on the go.

With that being said, it’s certainly worth using design to help improve your website’s loading speed and to make it more mobile-friendly in general. If you can provide your audience with an easy-to-use website, then you’re going to have more satisfied customers.

Consider the design of your website right now. Is it good enough or could it be improved? Try to visualize it from your customer’s point of view.

Designing A Functional Website

Use Slite To Manage Design Projects With Project Charter

When it comes to running any design projects, it’s useful to have a software or tool in place that can help guide you through the process. Slite is a good one to have if you’re working on design projects and you need to keep your design process on track.

This is a platform that can be great when it comes to remote working, especially the project charter, which you might need to access when on the go. 

A project charter is a plan you make at the very beginning of your design process. It’s a document that you can refer back to when you’re needing an outline of the plan you’ve made for the project itself.

Slite can offer a helpful tool that you can use as a team of collaborators, wherever you may be. It’s ideal for remote workers to help with improving flexibility when it comes to your business. A lot of businesses operate online much more nowadays then ever before, so it’s good to have a piece of software that can aid this when needed.

In a competitive world, design is an important element that will be used across your business both online and off it. It’s essential to take advantage of the incredible reach and opportunities it can provide for your company. So whether you’re looking for management over your design project or assistance with reports, utilize these tips to benefit your business.

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