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Four Essential Components Of Successful eCommerce Websites

Are you considering setting up your own eCommerce business? eCommerce is a booming market with only more room for growth in the future, with online shopping increasing in popularity by the day. Whether you have a niche product idea that you want to sell or want to start an online store selling essential products that everybody needs, there are countless business opportunities out there for anybody wanting to sell online.

With platforms like WooCommerce for WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and everything in between, building your own eCommerce site from professionally designed themes and templates has never been easier. But eCommerce is a very popular business model – meaning that the competition in this space is fiercer than most. If you want your eCommerce store to stand out and make an impression, your website needs to be focused on these key features.

1. Security

First and foremost, shopping online means that customers are going to be entering their financial details into your website and trusting you to do the right thing with them. While online shopping has become the norm and most people don’t think twice before entering their credit card details to buy something online, customers need to trust your website before they give this information up.

At the very least, your site should have an SSL certificate, which promises customers that any sensitive financial information they enter into your site is protected with secure encryption. This is shown as a locked padlock symbol in the browser bar, but you can display certificates on your site for extra reassurance at key points like the payment page. Select a checkout option that is secure, reputable, and gives customers additional layers of security with options to use PayPal or Apple Pay.

2. Easy Navigation

When it comes to the design of your eCommerce website, looking great is, of course, very important – but it’s the ease of use that’s the main factor to consider here. No matter how stunning the design is or how many modern features you have when it comes to how your site looks, if your customers can’t find what they are actually looking for, then they’re not going to last very long until they check out a competitor’s website instead.

Make website navigation the centerpiece of your store. Clearly display a menu that takes customers to the various categories of products that you offer and have a search bar front and center on the header of your website so that customers can easily type in what they are looking for at any point when browsing. You can use popups to redirect your visitors to special offer page or events directly without going through too many clicks.

3. Images


One of the downfalls of online shopping is that customers don’t get the chance to see the product in person, touch it, or try it on before they buy it. In some cases, this might not be such an issue, for example, if you’re selling phone chargers and USB cables – but if you’re selling anything highly visual like clothes, home furnishings, art or footwear, then you’ll need to put some effort into making sure that your customers have a really clear idea of what they are getting. Don’t be afraid to be very image-heavy on your eCommerce website and have a range of clear, professional photographs and videos showing your products from all angles.

4. Reviews

Adding reviews to your eCommerce website is crucial, and that doesn’t mean just copy and paste some of your best reviews from Google and display them on the homepage. While you should definitely embed some overall testimonials or reviews of your store from sites like Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot and have them on display for customers to read, don’t just stop there.

Switching on reviews for each product that you sell is essential for providing customers with as much information as possible. Along with the detailed description and photographs that you’ve included, they’ll also be able to find out more about what other people who’ve bought the product in the past have to say about it. Statistics show that customers are more likely to buy products that have reviews attached to them, and it’ll help you build credibility and trust for your brand.

eCommerce is a huge business opportunity; you can sell anything you like online from clothes to personalized gifts and much more. Keep these main factors in mind to design an eCommerce store that stands out and competes in a crowded market.

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