True Delights of Happiness

The happiness that comes from sweets and ice cream, the one from helping others, the one from a child’s innocent reply or behavior, that which is from watching natural sceneries, that you have while loving a person and the one you have through spiritual experiences are not the same, are they?

Happiness versus joy
Have you ever thought why we don’t use another word except “happy” to greet others in expressions such as “happy birthday” “happy friendship day” and “happy pongal”?  Happiness is a frequently used word for several contexts including the special occasions for wishing someone. You feel happy when something good happens to you.   Joy is a feeling of great happiness. So you often cry out of joy and jump out!  It’s felt a bit deeper in your heart than happiness.  So you shed tears of joy, not tears of happiness.

1. She’s happy with her job now. / Are happy now? / Happy Christmas!
2. They shouted with joy. / She shed tears of joy when her daughter was praised on the stage.

Pleasure versus delight
External objects, person and activities can give you pleasure.  You can read for pleasure, play for pleasure, dance for pleasure and watch movies for the same.  Delight is a feeling of great pleasure arising from the heart.  Love delights you.  Nature delights you.  Melodies delight you.  You read stories and novels for pleasure but you read poems for delight.  Robert Frost is right when he says, “A poems begins in delight and ends in wisdom.”

1. Everybody gets pleasure in watching TV and browsing the net.
2. I take pleasure in reading detective novels.
3. The flower show delighted me a lot.
4. Lovers are delighted at speaking through eyes.

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