Time to Unpack Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is officially here. It is time to put away all those dark fall and winter clothes and unpack those bright, colorful and lightweight spring and summer wardrobe pieces.

It only goes without saying that before you start unpacking the endless spring and summer garments you have, you should take ample time to clean out your closets and drawers so as to make room for the upcoming seasonal clothes. When spring cleaning your closets and drawers be certain to go through all your clothing pieces and determine which should be donated, which simply need to be thrown out, and which need to be professionally cleaned or even pressed before you put them away for a long time.

Keeping your closets and drawers clean and smelling fresh all year round will add both freshness and life to your wardrobe. Hanging dried sachets of lavender or even cedar in your closet and even in your dresser drawers will help to keep your garments smelling fresh and will also help to keep the moths away since lavender and cedar are both known to be moth repellents. Taking these extra little steps will ensure that your wardrobe always smells fresh and clean.

Once you have finished all your cleanup and preparation of your closet and drawers, and have provided elements that will contribute to the clean fresh smell of your clothes, then it is time to start unpacking and going through your spring and summer wardrobe.

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