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Which Are The Best Plugins To Convert A WordPress Site Into A Mobile App

Mobile app development companies are looking for a solution that can help in converting a WordPress site in a mobile application. With the rise in the number of people browsing the internet and shops online using their smartphones. Mobile apps offer a convenient way to deliver the content and provide a better user experience.

Why Create Mobile App for WordPress Site?

While checking the website traffic in Google Analytics, then it is simple to see that a large number of users are accessing the website from their smartphones. One of the simplest ways to ensure that mobile phone users have a better experience on the website by making the website mobile phone responsive. Moreover, a mobile phone responsive website uses a design that can adjust itself to match the screen size of the device used by the user.

Most of the themes on WordPress are mobile responsive, a person can find the best looking theme for a mobile responsive website. However, some mobile app development solution companies provide a better user experience by developing mobile applications. Instead of visiting a website, the user can launch their mobile app from the home screen to access their blog, membership website, online store, and online community.

Developing the mobile application requires programming skills and there are many development agencies that can develop the best mobile app for the website. However, it can result in a high budget. If the company wants to build an app on the budget, then there are some WordPress plugins that can help in converting the WordPress site into a mobile application. Although they are paid solutions, the cost is less as compared to hiring someone to build a new mobile application.

Using WordPress plugins require advanced WordPress skills. However, for beginners, it is better to use a mobile responsive theme for mobile app development and improve the speed of WordPress to increase users of mobile applications.

Below are some of the best plugins that can help in converting WordPress site into a mobile application


MobiLoud 1

MobiLoud helps website owners to convert WordPress site into a mobile application. MobiLoud provides two products, one is for blog and news sites and another is for the websites that are WooCommerce and sophisticated plugins. The plugin includes support for mobile advertising, push notification, custom branding, and analytics. The app can be prepared and configured and can also be submitted to the app store.



AppPresser is one of the easy to use a plugin that can help the website owner convert WordPress site into a mobile app. AppPresser also provides a dedicated mobile theme for mobile app development solution for the blog, BuddyPress website, or WooCommerce store.

AppPresser also has a visual application customizer that helps in easily changing the appearance of the mobile application just like it is done for the WordPress theme. The AppPresser user can also customize colors, pull the WordPress content, add custom pages, and more such things can be done. AppPresser also provides a push notification feature that is very easy to integrate into the app and manage.



Androapp helps website owners to convert WordPress site into a mobile application. It provides multiple themes, offline support, unlimited push notifications, internationalization support, native social sharing, and infinite scrolls. However, Androapp does not support websites like BuddyPress and WooCommerce.

In the process of mobile app development, the plugin developer can help in configuring and downloading a mobile app that can be submitted to the app store by the website owner himself. Another option is to hire a plugin author to submit the app in the app store. One of the challenges in the Androapp is that the free version of the plugin allows app developers to show their own advertisements.



AppMySite enables WordPress and WooCommerce users to create a mobile app without going through the complications of custom app development. The mobile app builder essentially provides users the option to use their websites as a cornerstone to create native Android and iOS apps.

Here are some notable features AppMySite offers:

  • Top-notch customization features like category management, banner design, and section management
  • State-of-the-art app preview options to test the app on a high-grade live emulator and real mobile devices
  • Seamless connection from WordPress to mobile app with the help of AppMySite WP plugin
  • Nifty app add-ons to supercharge the performance of the app
  • In-depth knowledge base to guide users at every stage of their app-building journey

The free online app maker enables users to build their own app without writing a single line of code. Besides the aforementioned features, AppMySite also offers flexible and affordable subscription plans to meet the wide-ranging needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.



WPApp.Ninja helps in creating the mobile app or the web for the WordPress website. The user of WPApp.Ninja can buy a single lifetime license to develop the mobile app. With the help of WPApp.Ninja, all the configuration and setup of the app can be done inside the WordPress admin area. WPApp.Ninja provides easy tools to upload the buttons, app icons, translations, colors, and other such tools. The WPApp.Ninja also supports built-in caching, Google Analytics, compatibility with some popular WordPress plugins, and offline content.

No matter how responsive is the WordPress theme, there is a need for the mobile application that can take the website to the next level. The aforementioned plugins can help in converting the WordPress website into the mobile application. These plugins can help in user-friendly mobile app development solution that can help in enhancing the user experience.

Some facts that can prove that mobile applications are gaining popularity across worldwide, for instance, more than half of the population in the US access digital media through mobile applications, this shows that businesses should opt for mobile applications that can work as the companion for the website and bring in more users.

Some of the benefits of converting WordPress site into mobile applications are:

  • Mobile app development by converting WordPress site requires no programming skills
  • It is an inexpensive way that saves cost, effort, and time
  • It helps in boosting traffic for the company
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Converting WordPress site into a mobile app can improve loyalty

Nowadays, a mobile app development solution has become important, however, when it comes to cost, converting a WordPress site into a mobile app is the best solution with the help of plugins. This makes the mobile app development process affordable and time savvy, that can enhance the user experience and boost traffic.

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