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Common Pitfalls of Beginners When Building a WordPress Website

When learning to make a website using WordPress, you will easily make mistakes that seem harmless.As a result, you waste time and forget the core goal of making a web.

You delay creating attractive content. Instead, you are engrossed in exploring unrelated issues that don’t help the website grow significantly. Meanwhile, creating SEO-friendly content is your main job when building a website. Content is what you need to get started as soon as possible, not others.

The article will highlight some common pitfalls of beginners when starting a website so that newbies can avoid unnecessary mistakes.

1. Indecisive In Choosing Hosting

Hosting, of course, is the first thing a designer thinks about when starting a website. The good news is hosting services are now very cheap and extremely abundant for you to choose.

However, the bad news is that you won’t know where to start. Many new bloggers choose host packages that are not suitable for their situation. They struggle to learn how to control the host such as backup, security, WordPress source code installation, operation, SSL, SSH, and a lot more.

Consequently, after a few months, those WordPress users still try to fix website errors, control, restore data, and wait for support from the provider to fix the error. They waste a lot of time in vain.

Actually, you only need to understand some basic information as follows.

Types of hosting

  • Shared host
  • VPS
  • Dedicated host
  • Cloud host
  • Cloud web hosting
  • Full manage WordPress hosting

What type of hosting should newbies start with?

What type of hosting should newbies start with

Let’s start with a shared host because it’s easy to set up and the cheapest. That means you will start quickly and save money.

You can easily upgrade to higher packages such as dedicated hosts and cloud hosts if your blog gets traffic beyond the configuration of shared hosts.

Also, it’s safe to choose a host because it is not too tricky to move your website to another provider.

That’s hosting! Do not try to get a hosting beyond your needs.

2. Change WordPress Theme Constantly

Like hosting, after the WordPress source code installation is complete, you start with the theme selection. Currently, there are countless free and paid themes that are really too much to explore and use.

You immerse yourself in theme research, editing themes, installing new themes, theme optimization and so on.

Finally, you realize that you can’t choose a suitable theme. You start over and spend extra time seeking themes.

Quality themes are paid themes

You try to find a theme that is both free and quality. Let’s forget that! No profit means that free themes will not be developed in the long term and no stability updates.

The use of premium themes at moderate price points is a reasonable choice for beginners. When you select a theme, the vendor will provide the necessary support for your service pack, which will help you promote your site and raise traffic to your website.

WordPress quality themes are paid themes

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3. Does not Comprehend Basic Web Design

Have you ever been disappointed with your website when designing it yourself?The colors are flashy, the fonts are messy, the widgets are cluttered. All look so unprofessional.That is because you do not understand the basic web design rules.

You will have a significant improvement in your web design after reading the below tips.

Create Color Pallets for the Website

The color pallet for a website will include 5 colors:

  • Background color
  • Primary font color
  • Meta text color
  • Hover color
  • Headline, heading and button colors

The whole website, including your landing page, should not exceed these 5 colors. Color Pallet will make your website look professional thanks to its consistent color and brand.

Tip for you: Use the logo color (if available) to create your own color pallet kit.

Choose font

You should only have 2-3 fonts for your website. Like the color pallet, the font set will work with you later.Along with color pallets, fonts will increase the consistency of your website brand.

Less is More

Utilize Negative Space whitespace to simplify your website. You often think that you have to give as much information to visitors as possible. In fact, readers want the opposite.Your leads want the website to be simpler and more focused on what they are seeking. The customer experience is the most important.

4. Installing too Many Poor Quality Plugins

Plugins play a crucial role in making your website SEO-friendly, inserting contact form, Opt-in, optimizing or speeding up the website. The benefits of plugins with the WordPress website are undisputed.

The problem is that if you greedily install too many plugins, including unnecessary or poor quality ones, it will have serious consequences. Your website will become slow and heavy, with poor security or blank pages.

The cause is due:

  • Plugin vs plugin conflict
  • Plugin vs theme conflict
  • Virus Infection
  • Occupy host RAM

To avoid this you should:

  • Only install quality plugins from reputable developers. These plugins have often undergone a long and proven development process with millions of users.
  • Only install from reliable installation sources. A trusted source is or official websites like A WP Life. Avoid downloading unknown sources, especially the paid plugin shared by unknown origin online. You need to pay attention to stay away from malicious code or virus.
  • Use SaaS instead of WordPress plugin: This is how you take up external memory to reduce the task load for your website. The superior advantage of SaaS over traditional plugins is stronger and better investment. The downside is that you have to pay a subscription fee to use instead of paying a one-time fee like a plugin.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins or function duplicates: You need to identify or calculate from the beginning the plugins you really need. Duplicate functions such as Cache, SEO, Page Builder, … should be removed. The fewer plugins installed, the more you avoid the risk of conflict.

5. Ignore the Benefits of CDN when Learning to Build a WordPress Web

Ignore the Benefits of CDN when Learning to Build a WordPress Web

CDN can be of great help to your website. Cloudflare helps you to speed up the website, increase security, manage DNS and install apps. Even if you decline CDN, you should use Cloudflare to manage DNS.DNS management helps you create domain emails easily with CNAME, TXT, and MX.

Another extremely important advantage of Cloudflare is that it offers free and easy SSL certificates for all your domains. SSL certificates are considered an indispensable element for every website today.

In brief, making a WordPress website starts from simple and economical stages.

You choose a shared host to start making website.

Choose a premium theme for your website.

Grasping basic design rules helps you feel more confident. The design looks more professional.

Select quality plugins and restrict the plugin installation to as little as possible.

Learn how to use Cloudflare to install SSL certificates and lots of other useful features. All with the purpose of making website creation easier.


This article has shared typical mistakes and solutions to handle them when you start creating your WordPress site. Hope you apply and wish you success!

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