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If you are a foodie or you like to cook then you probably looking for a great theme to share your cooking experience with the world. There are many themes available in the market so it may be difficult to choose the right theme for your food blog. So we will try to make it easy for you so let’s have look at the best food blog themes available in the market.

Why choose WordPress for your food/recipe blog?

If you are using WordPress for your recipe or food blog then it is the best decision by you because there are many reasons to use it. WordPress is the most popular CMS and you have many themes and plugin for especially based on the food industry. Some more benefits of using WordPress for your blog:

  • You can get themes designed specifically for the food industry
  • Lots of themes comes with with inbuilt recipe layouts
  • Ingredient post templates
  • Recipe plugin support

Lets have a look at these beautiful themes for your Food Blog/Website.

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#1. Chia

Chia theme, with its fresh-looking mobile-friendly design, can make a perfect foundation for your food blog. It is optimized for the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) and comes with a long list of pre-built patterns that you can add to any page or post using a simple drag and drop. Even if you’re new to WordPress, no worries, Chia is easy to set up and use. In the end, to avoid your visitors biting nails while the site loads we optimized Chia for super-fast loading.

– responsive & mobile-friendly design
– easy to use and customize
– fast loading & SEO friendly
– translation ready
– various blog layouts
– WooCommerce support

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#2. Kale

If you are looking free WordPress theme with a simple and elegant feature then you can try the kale theme. Kale comes with special front page that shows your latest post with a large slider that highlights your posts. Kale has 20,000+ active install on WordPress and 190+ 5 star rating.

Some feature of Kale theme

  • WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration
  • Posts slider in the header
  • RTL support
  • Multiple blog feed layouts
  • Fully Responsive

Download Kale
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#3. Florentine from Meridian

If you are serious for your food blog then you should go for the Florentine theme this theme is loaded full of features this theme is fully customizable and you have many color options. It has also account option so the visitor easily creates there account on-site for tracking their recipes.

Some feature of the Florentine theme

  • Fully customizable
  • 5-star rating and bookmarking system
  • 19 different modules to create a unique website
  • Printable recipes

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#4. Neptune 

Neptune is the ideal theme if you love to share your food recipes. It has an option for search recipe ingredients. Users can review and rate the separate recipe. It has also 5 star average rating and their team provide free update and fast support. You can also try before buy they have full theme access and try all the feature before you make the decision.

Some feature of the Neptune theme

  • Searchable recipe ingredient
  • User can bookmark recipes
  • Option user registration & login
  • User can also submit there own recipes
  • 10 Layout for a recipe template
  • Mobile friendly & responsive

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#5. Lahanna

The Lahanna theme is a great and unique food theme for WordPress that’s perfect for any foodie blogger. The theme has three different demo versions so you can pick and choose your preference. Each of the demos can be imported using the one-click import option and they come with large featured images that are perfect for showcasing your recipes. Lahanna comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to customize every aspect. The theme was optimized for SEO and it loads fast so your visitors won’t have to wait around forever to get a recipe for their dinner.

Some feature of the Neptune theme

  • Three different demo versions
  • One-click import
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Translation ready
  • Responsive
  • Extensive documentation

Buy Lahanna

#6. Foodie Pro

Foodie pro is a high quality and SEO friendly theme. If you want a clean and minimal theme for your food blog then foodie pro is a great choice for you. Theme Build up your site with 3 homepage and 5 site-wide widget areas that you can customize to fit your needs.

Some feature of the Neptune theme

  • 6 types of layout options
  • Create a custom header with a brand logo 
  • Fully translatable 
  • Mobile Responsive

Buy Foodie Pro

I hope you like the post and we hope you will find a great foodie theme for your blog that fits your needs. After all, there are many themes out there you can also search some other free theme from WordPress and you can compare there active install, star rating, and customer feedback.

We advise you to try free themes first then go to for pro version. You can try many free themes from the WordPress Theme Directory

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Thank you!

Top 5 Coffee Brands In The World

Coffee is a hot beverage made from roasted seeds.  coffee trees discovered in Ethiopia. Coffee trees produce fine and aromatic coffee seeds.

In the beginning, coffee was used in the Middle East and then in the 16th-century coffee reached Persia, Turkey then Afrika after that it spread to Europe and the rest of the world.

Why we should love coffee? Here is some health benefit of coffee:

  1. The Pain Killer – two cups of coffee can reduce the pain. coffee contains caffeine and the caffeine cuts the pain.
  2. Good for the kidney – coffee also help people with kidney disease.
  3. Prevents cavities – The strong black coffee kills the bacteria on teeth. But only strong black coffee.
  4. Reduced Liver Cancer Risk – Having 1 to 3 cups of coffee in a day can reduce ( 29% ) risk of liver cancer.

Now come to the point top 5 brands of the coffee in the world. (2018)

1. Starbucks

Starbucks is an American company brand and the chain of coffee houses. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971 after that if found in  Tokyo, Japan, in 1996

The first Pike Place Starbucks store established in 1971 at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington, United States.

Freshly Brewed Coffee (Blonde, Medium or Dark Roast)

Iced Coffee (Vanilla or Carmel)

Caffè Americano

2. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a British multinational coffeehouse company It is the second largest coffeehouse chain in the world after Starbucks

Italian Immigrant brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa founded a coffee roastery in Lambeth, London, in 1971

Creamy Latte

Velvety Flat White

Classic Americano

Rich Cortado

Frothy Cappuccino

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. Dunkin’ Donuts is an American multinational company

Caramel Mocha

Mocha. Another classic

Butter Pecan Swirl


French Vanilla Swirl

Cookie Dough Swirl

White Chocolate Raspberry

4. McDonald’s McCafe

McDonald’s McCafe Established in 1993  McDonald’s McCafe drinks including 8 different coffee blends. McCafe drinks including 8 different coffee blends. McCafe located in the United States, Europe, and South Africa and also some Asian countries.

McCafé Americano.

McCafé Cappuccino.

McCafé Espresso.

McCafé Cafe Latte.

McCafé Macchiato.

McCafé Premium Hot Chocolate.

McCafé Flat White.

McCafé Iced Mocha.

5. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Established in 1964. It serves premium coffee blend fresh and aromatic. their spacial bland made with Arabica beans

French Vanilla & English Toffee

Coffee Mocha

Mocha Latte

Caramel Latte Supreme