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What will you get in the Big Data and Hadoop Training Course

The Big Data and Hadoop course will help you get a basic knowledge of various Big Data frameworks. You will also get hands-on practical experience which will help you convert the theoretical knowledge into practical competence. You will get to work on projects related to various sectors: government sectors, e-commerce businesses, and banking and financial sectors. Moreover, you will also get to learn about the methods that are used to extract relevant information from a large pool of data. 

You will be trained to use Hadoop frameworks such as Pig and Hive. Finally, you will also get to perform real-world analytics to get practical experience at the end of the training. Big Data and Hadoop Training is a great way to upgrade your skills. This course would be highly beneficial to you if you want to make a career in the field of data management.  

Why is Big Data and Hadoop important?

As the amount of data produced in a day is rising each day, the equipment that is used to process this data has to be powerful and efficient. Without good processing power, analysis, and understanding of big data would not be possible. Therefore, Hadoop by Apache is a great tool to deal with large amounts of data. Through the Hadoop frameworks, large volumes of data can easily be organized, structured, and understood. This data can then be used to provide significant insights which will in turn help in the growth of the business.  

What are the benefits of earning Big Data and Hadoop certification?

There are a lot of benefits to pursuing a Big Data and Hadoop course and earning the certification. 

  • Professionals who are trained and have the practical skills to handle big data are in demand these days. Companies want individuals who have practical skills and the qualifications to show for those skills. As every organization relies on data that is gathered from the customers to take business decisions, the growth of the company is dependent upon the accuracy of the insights provided by the data. Therefore, there is a huge demand for people who are trained to be data specialists. 
  • By completing this course, you will get a chance to enhance your career opportunities significantly. If you are a fresher, you will be able to secure a good job. If you are a working professional, you will improve your chances of moving up the ladder in your organization and being more successful in your career. This course is great for people who want to switch their fields while they are already working somewhere. The Big Data and Hadoop training will allow you to showcase your skills and work in an industry of your choosing. 
  • As a student, you can pursue this certification course during your studies. Recruiters are always looking for candidates who have done something different and unique from the rest of their competitors. Therefore, by pursuing this course, you can significantly improve your chances of getting hired by companies like Google, Cisco, and Microsoft.  
  • One of the best benefits of pursuing the Big Data and Hadoop course is the potential increase in your salary capacity. By completing this course and earning your certification, you can expect that you will be able to increase your earning potential. Your new skill set can help you get a promotion or secure a job. 

What are the career opportunities you can pursue after completing the Big Data and Hadoop Course?

After completing the Big Data and Hadoop course, you can pursue a career in any field you want. This course can help you secure a job in a good company such as Microsoft, Google, and Cisco. There would be endless career opportunities after completing this training. Companies can hire you as:

  • Data Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Developers
  • BI Analysts
  • BI Developers
  • SAS Developers
  • Consultants for Hadoop Projects
  • Software Engineers

What is unique about the Big Data and Hadoop Course?

To ensure that all the skills and training that you received in a theoretical manner are properly understood and implemented, you will be required to complete some projects which will ensure that you are ready to use the skills you learned. This course is worth it because not only do you get theoretical knowledge but you also get to try your skills on projects which are real. The projects offered in this course are unique and will help you develop your practical skills. Towards the end of the course, you will be asked to use the frameworks you learned to analyze different types of data:

  • Analysis of Aadhar: Aadhar is one of the biggest and the largest biometric databases all around the world. The amount of data that is stored in this database is enormous and has to be continuously deciphered, structured, and separated according to different parameters such as state of residence, age, etc. Through this project, you will be able to learn how to deal with large data sets. 
  • E-commerce Website based Analytics (Clickstream Analysis): Data is of paramount importance for e-commerce websites. They use clickstream analysis to record and analyze user data based on timestamp, destination URL, IP address of visitor, device information, web browser information, visitor identification number, referral page information among others. The Hadoop ecosystem is used to simplify the process and this project can help you understand the process of data analysis on e-commerce websites. 
  • Analyzing the Banking Sector (CITI Bank): Financial and Banking sector is one of the top sectors that use data analysis insights and Hadoop frameworks to gather important information that helps them make strategic business decisions. The CITI group of banks has adopted an approach that is completely based on the data that is collected. To ensure that the insights are accurate, and the decisions correct, they use frameworks by Hadoop to process their data. This project will familiarize you with the inner working of the Financial and Banking Sector and will allow you to learn the finer process of data analysis particularly in this sector.

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