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Benefits Of Learning On Campus

Since the whole world was forced to move online for over a year, we have been presented with an abundance of literature stating the benefits of being online, whether that means socializing or studying. Online definitely has its place, especially when it comes to studying, and there are many advantages, but with that being said, there are still many benefits when it comes to learning on campus.

This piece will take a look at some of the elements that you can enjoy if you opt for on-campus learning instead of going online.

Ready-Made Community 

When everyone is put together in the same situation, it is easy to form friendships based on the mutual experience. The course will be new for most people, and many of the students will have not met before. This creates the makings of a support network that will see you throughout your whole course, as everyone will be in the same boat.
This is not just for studying, though, but is also for outside of university too. Being introduced to people straight off the bat can give everyone options to go to lunch with each other, go and explore the area or discuss the course or the topic in-depth, helping students gain a wider understanding of their chosen subject. In addition, Marian University Campus Programs can offer a great location filled with like-minded people to get you off to the best start.

Immediate Answers

Immediate Answers

Working on a project or a deadline and needing an answer before you can continue to work is a nightmare, which can often be the case for online learning. Having to wait until tutors email back or your peers are online can really slow things down when you want to get going, which is why in-person learning can be so helpful. When you learn on campus, you can ask your lecturers or peers questions straight away and (hopefully) get an answer immediately so you can carry on with what you need to do. These structured times are particularly useful for managing their time effectively and knowing everything they need to ask before the lecture is due. 

Nice And Structured

While structured learning is not for everyone, many students thrive on it. Not only can in-person learning help students keep focus, but it can also give them a reason to get out of the house and interact with others. It is all too easy to stay inside, or worse, procrastinate when there is nothing forcing self-discipline, so having that reason to get up and go and learn can really help students build the structure around their day and in their life. This can also naturally help students develop skills such as time management and learning what needs to be prioritized, which are beneficial in every area of life, not just for uni! 

Whether you choose online learning or campus in-person learning, just be sure the choice is right for you and what you want out of your experience!

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