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7 Best Web Push Notification Software

You can connect with your visitors after they leave your website using web push notifications. By sending targeted messages to your users, you can increase traffic, conversions, and sales. Our article shares our picks for the best web push notification software.

Why Push Notifications Are a Powerful Tool for Marketing

After visitors leave your website, push notifications to allow you to engage them and retain them. You can target users with personalized messages and encourage them to return to your website. You might receive blog post notifications, product announcements, abandoned cart reminders, and more.

Push notifications are delivered directly to the user’s web browser or mobile device, so they have a much higher engagement rate than SMS messages. Facebook, for example, uses push notifications. Small businesses have not yet realized how powerful they can be.

Now is a great time to start using push notifications, so you can stay ahead of your competitors. Here are our recommendations for the best push notification tools. All are fully compatible with WordPress, which is the world’s most popular website builder.

1. PushEngage


PushEngage is the best push notification tool available. You can send targeted push notifications to visitors after they leave your site. You can set it up to automatically send notifications of new blog posts, or you can manually send custom messages. A perfect solution for beginners and advanced users alike, it is extremely easy to set up. The application works on HTTP and HTTPS websites and supports all devices and browsers.

Marketing professionals love PushEngage’s powerful features, including A/B testing, automatic drip campaigns, smart opt-in reminders, custom-triggered campaigns, interactive message options, etc. The triggered campaign is their marketing automation feature that automatically generates abandoned cart notifications, schedules messages, sends price drop alerts, and more.

You can also track the metrics of each campaign and calculate the transactional revenue generated by push notifications using goal tracking. Dynamic segmentation in PushEngage helps you send more targeted messages based on users’ actions.

If a visitor adds items to the cart, buys something, views a specific page, and so forth, you can segment them. You will get more traffic and sales with this level of personalization. Their powerful pop-ups promote faster subscriber growth, and their smart resubscription feature ensures user retention.

You don’t have to create a separate mobile app since PushEngage works on all devices: desktops, tablets, and smartphones (iOS and Android). If you are a blogger or running a eCommerce website or startup then their push notification platform is ideal for you. It will increase user engagement and conversion rates.

In the case of larger companies that are looking to integrate their CRM with web push notifications, PushEngage offers a powerful API that you can leverage for your omnichannel customer lifecycle marketing campaigns.

– You can get 1,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications with PushEngage for $9/month.
– There is also a free plan with up to 500 subscribers and 30 campaigns per month.

2. Reteno

Reteno messaging platform

Reteno is a messaging platform that helps retain app users by delivering personalized push notifications, in-apps, app inboxes, emails, SMSes, and more. It is easy to create rich messages and workflows with Reteno no-coding system. You can build sequences from cheap to expensive channels to optimize costs. This omnichannel solution allows to communicate with your clients where and when they prefer.

To make messages personalized, Reteno collects customer data from different sources and unifies it in user profiles. You also can connect Firebase, PostgreSQL, or BigQuery to enrich data. It allows to build precise segments and AI-powered recommendations. Reteno has a quick integration SDK that automatically harvests user IDs and events.

Thus, launching behavior-based campaigns to cover any marketing goal will be a breeze.


  • Get unlimited push notifications, in-apps, and 3 active journeys to ignite your growth with the free Startup pricing plan (up to 100K users).
  • Scale to 8 channels and unlimited journeys with the Growth pricing plan. It starts from $30 per month.

3. OneSignal


OneSignal is a popular tool for push notifications. It has features similar to PushEngage. Automated push notifications, announcements, abandoned cart notifications, and more can be created with it.

It is easy to set your push prompt to appear after a certain number of page views and/or seconds. As a result, you do not need to display a push notification every time someone visits your site.

As well as offering push notifications, OneSignal lets you create in-app messages, app push notifications, and emails. PushEngage and OneSignal both offer A/B testing and analytics. You can also segment your audience to improve targeting.

OneSignal’s main disadvantage is that it gets more expensive as you add features.
Additionally, it has fewer options for automation, personalization, and customization than PushEngage.

App messaging, mobile push notifications for app developers, and now email allows for multi-channel marketing.

– OneSignal’s Growth plan starts at $12 per month for 1,000 subscribers, this plan includes main key features and basic personalization options.

– For 5,000 subscribers, their professional plan starts at $114 per month.

– The free plan allows for a maximum of 10,000 subscribers, but the personalization and optimization capabilities are limited.

4. NotifyVisitors


NotifyVisitors is a powerful, yet user-friendly best web push notification software that provides you with real-time customer data and insights. With NotifyVisitors, you can quickly personalize your messaging to customers so that it resonates with them – making it easier for you to drive conversions and engagement.

You can also automate your customer onboarding and retention campaigns with this best web push notification software, optimizing the customer experience through automated responses. NotifyVisitors empowers businesses with the ability to capture customers’ attention in real-time and increase engagement on their websites through effective campaigns.

 Try NotifyVisitors if you want the best web push notification software that helps build relationships with website visitors and turns leads into loyal customers.


– It offers a free plan. Paid plan starts from $49/per month.

5. VWO Engage (PushCrew)

VWO Engage (PushCrew)

Engage, which was formerly called PushCrew, has a web push notification tool that works on desktops and mobile devices. You can use it to create push notification campaigns, which have entry and exit triggers. The campaign can start automatically if a user clicks a certain link, for example.

If they click a button or fill out a form, users can also automatically opt-out of the campaign. VWO Engage includes segmentation, click-through analytics, personalized notifications, and A/B testing. They lack engagement campaigns and segmentation tools.


– VWO Engage starts at $99/month.

– You get unlimited notifications and up to 10,000 subscribers.

– Free plans are not available. You can, however, take a free trial for 30 days without a credit card.

6. iZooto


iZooto supports real-time push notifications, recurring notifications, and scheduled notifications. iZooto allows you to customize push notifications, just like the other tools we’ve featured. Segmentation is also available for more targeted messaging.

A/B testing, timezone-based notifications, capturing user attributes, and more are included. The initial push prompt can appear when the user scrolls down, after a certain amount of time, or after a button click. Your site visitors will be more likely to sign up for push notifications if you do this.

In case you’re using another push notification tool, iZooto customer success can help you move your subscribers over. The iZooto application only works with HTTPS websites, which means your site must have an SSL certificate.


– You can get 30,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications with iZooto for $85/month.

– Free plans are not available. You can however try the service for 14 days without a credit card.

7. Webpushr


Webpushr is a simple web notifications platform that works with all major browsers. You can customize a range of prompt templates.

It is easy to transfer subscribers from another platform to Webpushr. User segmentation, automatic web push, and HTTP support are some of the features. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with both WordPress and WooCommerce.

You can create unlimited segments and unlimited team members with Webpushr. Additionally, it supports large images, action buttons, emoji, and custom branding.

Webpushr is different from most push notification plugins since it gives you all features for all plans. They even have a free plan. Their only difference is how many subscribers you can have.


– For up to 50,000 subscribers and unlimited notifications, Webpushr costs $29/month.

– A free plan is also available. You will receive unlimited notifications and up to 10,000 subscribers.

8. PushAssist


PushAssist supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Both desktop and mobile users will find it easy to use.
PushAssist provides audience segmentation, personalization, scheduling tools, and insights into customer data.

By allowing advertisers to send push notifications to your audience, you can monetize your push traffic as well. If you do this you may be able to earn money online.

PushAssist works with HTTP and HTTPS websites. Unless you’re using the Business plan or higher, you can’t remove the PushAssist branding.


– Until 3,500 subscribers are signed up, PushAssist costs $9/month.

– A free plan is also available. You get unlimited notifications and up to 3,000 subscribers.

9. WonderPush


The WonderPush plugin works similarly to most other push notification plugins. Subscribers can be segmented, notifications can be automated based on behavior or time, and you can access real-time analytics.

WonderPush allows you to create various types of notifications. For example, you can automate abandoned cart notifications with WonderPush.

No matter how much you pay, you get all the features. Unlimited staff members, unlimited notifications, A/B testing, and personalization are all included.


– WonderPush’s pricing model differs from the other tools we’ve reviewed. It starts at €1 per month for the first 1,000 subscribers, then goes up to €1 per 1,000 subscribers after that.

– There isn’t a free plan, but you can try it for 14 days for free. No credit card is required.

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