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5 Ways To Fund Startups Using Bitcoin

Whether venture capitalists or angel investors get into the concept that an entrepreneur is selling determines whether or not cash is available to establish a firm in the traditional sense. The traditional approach of obtaining funding for your company might be difficult unless you have a big savings account or your family is wealthy. Venture capitalists might reject your startup ideas outright if you don’t have some ownership or stock in the company you’re proposing. So, when you’re searching for methods to fund your company, why not think about Bitcoin?

Compared to its other derivable benefits, Bitcoin fundraising is very new. Regardless, if you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, utilizing them to support your business might be intimidating. However, using bitcoin to raise funding for your business is only one of several possibilities.

1) Use an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise cash.

Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are a type of crowdfunding that is growing in popularity among businesses in need of finance. The initial public offering, or IPO, is the ICO’s counterpart. Unlike typical IPOs, however, ICOs do not require a lengthy vetting procedure or are not bound by as many rules from the authorities. The design of the project you want to launch is the most essential component of an ICO. “Nearly half of all ICOs in 2017 and 2018 failed to generate any money at all, and 76 percent did not even achieve their minimal financing target,” according to Wharton academics’ study. This trap may be avoided with proper planning.

You may either design your ICO yourself or get professionals to do it for you. The first step is to write a white paper around the topic you wish to fundraise for. Your white paper informs the audience about the project, your target fund, and information that will persuade potential investors to invest in it. You must have chosen on the blockchain on which your tokens will be built at this point. Tokens sold in initial coin offerings (ICOs) are utility tokens. The majority of projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain, but the Binance Smart Chain is gaining traction.

2) Initial Public Offering (IPO) (IEO)

Rather than taking on the daunting job of finding investors for your company, collaborating with a well-established crypto exchange is a viable option for collecting cash. An initial exchange offering (IEO) is a method of generating funds by selling a token on an exchange. Initial exchange offerings are more appealing to entrepreneurs than initial currency offerings due to the convenience of access to an already established audience. On the other hand, ICOs provide entrepreneurs greater anonymity, but IEOs give the project legitimacy.

As a company seeking funding, an initial coin offering requires you to find investors who will subscribe to anything you plan to sell or provide as a service. Startups must register with centralized crypto exchanges in order to participate in IEO. Startup owners must also be prepared to pay the required fees for the exchange’s services. Most crypto exchanges will take a portion of the tokens sold on their platforms in return for a fee.

BitTorrent, Fetch, and Matic Network, all on the Binance Launchpad platform, are examples of successful IEOs.

3) Introduce a Dex Initial Offering

Decentralized exchanges at the start Offering is another approach to use crypto assets to raise cash for your business. Rather than using centralized exchanges or an initial coin offering to sell your token or coin, IDOs are a means to establish a new crypto asset on a decentralized exchange. You can trade a pair of digital assets based on liquidity pools on a decentralized exchange. IDOs allows businesses to raise funds quickly and avoid some of the more time-consuming procedures required with ICOs.

IDO projects for startups are managed by crypto exchanges in the same way that IEO projects are managed by IEO. However, in the case of IDOs, you may organize your own coin offers with the help of the decentralized exchange. In IDOs, fees are also being phased out. Due to their liquidity, IDOs may be the greatest option for raising immediate money for your small business.

4) Use your Bitcoin as loan security

If you already own Bitcoin but need money for your business, you may use it as collateral for a crypto loan that you can subsequently convert to fiat cash. Bitcoin investors who want to wait for a bull run may find themselves in need of cash to run their businesses. Instead of selling your Bitcoin and subsequently regretting it, you may use it as collateral for a loan from centralized exchanges in this case.

Crypto-lending is being onboarded by reputable exchanges as a method for both the lender and the borrower to profit. You can’t trade your Bitcoin while it’s being used as collateral, which is akin to borrowing money from a bank to establish a business. Unlike a bank loan, however, the verification and validation procedure is sped up if you already have an exchange wallet. To discover more about how and where to acquire a crypto loan, go to

5) Accepting Bitcoin as a payment method

Accepting credit cards from clients isn’t the only way to go digital with your business. You may grow your client base and develop your business by taking a variety of payment methods. Using Bitcoin as a form of payment for your company not only eliminates the fees associated with credit cards, but it also gives a safer alternative to standard payment methods.

The security and quick processing speed of bitcoin payments are its main advantages. Successful payments cannot be reversed since cryptocurrencies are recorded on the Blockchain. While adding alternative means of payment to your business might help you create a more robust and diversified client base, it may be necessary to do so in order to avoid alienating some customers.


Traditional methods of acquiring funds for your business are not required. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies might help you start a new business or grow an existing one.

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