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5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

Why you should use WordPress? We will discuss some important points in this article. Let’s get started.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. And WordPress it’s just not a blogging platform it is also a great website creation tool. WordPress is free to use that means you can use, modify, design your content as you want. WordPress is also used by worlds most popular brands like Time Magazine, Target, The New York Times, and many more. WordPress Powers your website such an easy and beautiful way. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL.

Let’s see what are the important points for why we should use WordPress for your website

1.WordPress Is Free To Use & Open Source

WordPress Market Share of top 1M websites

You can use WordPress is free as you can download, Install and Upgrade. There is a lot of free Themes and Plugins on WordPress So you can use free to make more beautiful and attractive your website. You can choose from 11,000 themes and about 54,351 plugins.

2. Easy To Use And Customize

WordPress is Easy To Use And Customize

If you are a nontechnical person and you have not coding skills then WordPress is the perfect place for you. You can easily customize your website with many themes and plugins. You have no limitation in the customization, This is why the WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. You can check our free & premium range of plugin and themes.

3. Safety and Security

WordPress Safety and Security

WordPress gives you many options to secure your data like there is a lot of free top security plugins that you can use to secure your sites. Here are some tips for keeping secure and protect your website from threads.

  • Always use a strong password
  • Install a WordPress security plugin
  • Be updated with your WordPress version
  • Don’t use themes and plugins with errors
  • Use SSL certificate to your website
  • Keep backup of your data
  • Add captcha or security question on the login page

4. Low maintenance costs

WordPress Low maintenance costs

You can set up your blog site or online store in a few minutes and you can maintain it by using free maintenance plugins. your site is unique  This means you have to carefully decide what you should use for your website.  WordPress free to use Install and download. But, you have to pay for web hosting and domain.

  • Always use simple and lightweight themes
  • Choose high rated plugins
  • Work on your site’s security
  • Your sites’ speed is important

5. WordPress supports Different Media Types

WordPress supports Different Media Types

You can easily embed YouTube videos, photos, feed from social media like Instagram, Flickr, Twitter by using WordPress post editor. WordPress accepts many different types of media types like

Video Types

  • .MP4, .M4V (MPEG-4)
  • .MOV (QuickTime)
  • .WMV (Windows Media Video)
  • .AVI.
  • .MPG.
  • .OGV (Ogg)
  • .3GP (3GPP)
  • .3G2 (3GPP2)

Image Types

  • Images. .jpg. .jpeg. .png.

Document Types

  • Documents. .pdf (Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat) .doc , .docx (Microsoft Word Document) …

Audio Type

  • Audio. .mp3. .m4a.


WordPress is a great tool for customizing maintain and build your website is an easy way, Choose your theme or plugin your site carefully then you can easily build your site with WordPress.

WordPress is not just limited to writing text also use for a business site online stores and much more.

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