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Professional WordPress Themes

As a new WordPress user, you might be excited about customizing your website, with many ideas and visualizations you have a ready picture of it in your mind. However, if you lack design or coding experience, you’ll find it very discouraging when you want to fulfill an idea but have no idea how. 

Fortunately, marketplaces like MasterBundles have a huge variety of WordPress designs that can mold to fit your idea and have a handful of useful features. The themes allow you to customize the appearance of your site and incorporate additional functionality without having any coding or design experience. 

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress template is a file with specific graphics, style sheets, and codes, that all together provide an overall picture of your website. If put simply a template is a kind of skin for your site, but if you dive deep into a template it is much more powerful than just a skin. It can control something as serious as a website layout, or something as little as the color of your text.

Rather than defining the look and feel of your website, themes give you the supplies to establish a vibe of your own. For example, you can use the same template for a food blog or an online clothing store, and it will look completely different and original for each store’s page. 

While a default theme can work for many websites, it will take a lot of customizing to differ from others. Why use a default design, when there are thousands of templates available out there to choose from? With a good search, you can find a theme that will cover all your niches and purposes, it will take minimal to no editing. 

5 key elements of a professional WordPress themes 

A theme is what determines the look and feel of your WordPress website, hence when selecting the one you must choose what’s best suited for you. Here are several elements you should pay attention to when choosing a WordPress template:

Responsive design

There has been an increasing number of people using their smartphones to view websites. It’s a much easier way to shop since your phone is almost always with you, however for it to be that simple for them your website needs to be responsive. Meaning that one website link is consistent across all modes of viewing. 

Social media friendliness

Just like the use of smartphones has increased so has the popularity of Social Media. Social platforms are a great way to find new customers, improve the experience of existing customers, and connect with them better. It is good to choose a template that emphasizes the social platforms, since having a social media share icon on your website will vastly increase the reach count. 

Page styles

The page style is the arrangement of elements on a page and the layout of pages. A thought-through, simple, informative, and non-cluttered page is what keeps customers interested. Why put some much emphasis on page style? It’s like giving your customers a treat, something different from the typical store making them more interested. 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a big role in promoting your website and listing it on search engines. A website theme is one of the main factors that influence your SEO ranking. When choosing a template pay attention if it has the basics such as conversion rate optimization, website readability, the speed of the website, and whether it’s compatible with external SEO plugins

Support features and the ability to update 

In the long run, you will appreciate the support and update feature in a WordPress theme. First of all, as a nonprofessional, you will appreciate the support of the designer, especially when you want to customize certain aspects that require serious coding and knowledge. Secondly, the update feature will ensure your website always has the newest features and doesn’t die down. 

The benefits of using a WordPress theme

If you are still not sure if a WordPress template is worth it, here are some advantages of buying a predesigned website template.

  • Reduced upfront investment. There is no doubt that a pre-built professional WordPress themes will be more affordable when compared to having a website professionally built for you.
  • Faster to implement. The faster you start running your website the more costs you’ll have to expend. Whereas a custom website costs way more and takes a longer time to produce. 
  • Industry-specific. If you have an industry-specific store but have no idea how you want it to look you can search through pre-built WordPress themes categorized by the industries they are meant for. 
  • One-click import. Import pages, posts, and widgets all in one click. 
  • Great color combinations and typography. Set and manage your colors and fonts from one single place. 

The 10 Best Professional WordPress Themes

Check out these 10 handpicked WordPress themes with the most outstanding features, plugins, design options, and many customizable elements. While MasterBundles has a huge variety of professional WordPress templates, we have chosen the best premium ones for you. 

#1 5 Professional Template For Blogger WordPress

Template For Blogger WordPress

These minimal clean website themes with simple design elements will elevate your content to its fullest potential. The templates include various layouts and post-format options, the ability to enable or disable the sidebar on a post-by-post basis, and a great option for the footer.

#2 Latest Design Web Template

Latest Design Web Template

This template is a clean, flexible, and fully responsive WordPress design, suited for business websites, shop websites, and industries that want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. It comes with a variety of options so you can modify layouts, styles, colors, and fonts directly and however, you like. 

3# WordPress Bundle: 5 Premium Niche Themes

 WordPress Bundle Niche Themes

These 5 templates have a modern, trendy design that gives your website a premium look while still featuring the essential features for a successful niche business. You have full creative control over the appearance of your site, due to this you can set up all the interface elements with no coding skills required.

#4 WordPress Bundle: 15 Premium Themes

WordPress Bundle 15 Premium Themes

A huge and cheap collection of WordPress themes designed for various industries. The templates have many features and all sorts of functions, plus the layout is responsive, meaning it can be viewed from smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

#5 Essential Web Design Bundle With Extended License

Essential Web Design Bundle With Extended License

This bundle includes minimal, clean, and modern 20 WordPress themes and site templates, packaged with awesome premium plugins, unlimited customizability, a built-in mega menu, many typographic options, and a robust admin panel with hundreds of options to make it your own. 

#6 5 WordPress Themes For $9 Only

WordPress Themes

These are minimalist trendy and modern WordPress designs for blogs and e-commerce shops. The themes are made considering all requirements for a scenic website. 

# 7 Hive – A Magazine-Style Theme

Hive – A Magazine-Style Theme

Hive is a magazine-style WordPress template with a clean, smart layout and outstanding design flexibility that makes it ideal for publishers of all kinds. Whether you are looking to share your thoughts, write about your latest findings, or create a scrapbook of photos, videos, quotes, or other content, Hive fits it all. 

#8 Webify  


Webify is a professional WordPress template, it was designed for various industries. The theme has many features and all sorts of functions, plus the layout is fluid, meaning it instantly reshapes to smartphones, tablets, and desktops. 

#9 Hazel – Clean Minimalist Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme 

Hazel - Clean Minimalist WordPress Theme

Hazel is a minimal, clean, and modern WordPress template, packaged with awesome premium plugins, unlimited customizability, a built-in mega menu, many typographic options, and a robust admin panel with hundreds of options to make it your own. 

#10 Munfarid – A WordPress theme For Blog & Shop 

Munfarid - A WordPress theme For Blog Shop

Munfarid Blog is a minimalist trendy and modern WordPress design for blogs and e-commerce shops, it is formulated considering all requirements and needs to design a scenic website. 


Ultimately, the list of professional WordPress themes is a great example that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a professionally designed website. These themes give you the same opportunities in business, with the same high-quality pages, and the best user experience out there. 

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