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WordPress Businesses Should Send Out Press Releases

At that time, one thing has become abundantly clear. The largest companies in the WordPress ecosystem send press releases to news organizations. Small businesses can send an email with some details apart from this Do not send information to others.

We never thought of writing a statement and send to the press. We really missed getting more coverage and making connections with the WordPress area publications.

We are here to tell you the truth, no matter who or what is the story. However, there will always be a feeling that wants to see every business within the WordPress space succeed. Therefore, this article is a tutorial that will help businesses within your space to make your news public. It is healthy for the whole ecosystem of the premium WordPress product market.

Because of this symbiotic relationship between media and product creators, it is important to make a good working relationship between the business owners and publications.

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is sometimes called a “news release” or “press statement”. It is the official statement of a company about a particular news item or product. In a sense, it is the news itself. There are few publications in the big world of journalism that regularly publish only press releases sent by companies.

Why Should Companies Put Together Press Releases?

This is where small companies should take a look at the big companies’ playbook. Normally, big companies have entire public relations (PR) or communications departments. Sometimes they have only one person in that role. Those working on PR positions are making sure that publications in the WordPress realm know about their news.

Individuals or small companies are not required to appoint anyone for communication with the press. However, at least one person must serve as a representative and handle this role.

Every day many things are happening in the world of WordPress. Even with a press release, there is no guarantee that any publication will publish your story. There is a guarantee that they will not if they do not know about it.

A press release is a way to be a part of any company’s strategy.

Krogsgaard said, “I prefer press releases for product launches, especially if I can see the key features ahead of time“. “Press releases are fine at the time of a news event, but the best company PR is usually done by working with media outlets ahead of a release schedule.”

The coverage of your news is will depend on several factors. The important thing, especially for small businesses, is that you put yourself on the radar of a publication.

The team of any publication will surely appreciate your company passing along a press release but don’t limit yourself. Send it to other publications. Give podcast creators a copy. Most will accept any news that you send your way.

How To Write a Press Release

Press releases can take some different forms, but there are some things that should be included with every statement that is a business issue.

Below is an outline of an original press release. You may deviate slightly from the formula and make sure you include important information.

1. Contact Information

Journalists need to know how to contact the appropriate representative for you or your company for potential follow-up questions. In the WordPress world, this would primarily be a name and email address. However, some things are included, such as your WordPress Slack username for text chat.

Most of all, you should provide the best way to contact so anyone can directly contact you.

It also means being prepared to answer questions if you get contacted. Quotes are like gold for journalists. The press release opens the door to a conversation.

2. Story Headline

Journalists get lots of emails, notes, etc. A press release should have a title headline that takes both factual and serious attention. This should be a brief summary of which news you want to share. This is no different than the title of a blog post. In our fast-paced culture, you only have one moment to tell someone that your story is worth reading. Avoid headlines that look like click-bys, but explain why your news is newsworthy.

Depending on the news, a sub-title is often an additional piece of information that helps. A quick sentence or two lines that show over the headline is sometimes necessary to fully explain why the press should continue to read.

3. Dateline

A press release should always include the dateline. There are two types of databases. The first type is the press release date. This means that journalists can proceed with the story.

However, you can also insert a future date on the dateline. When you want to prepare a publication for an upcoming story, it is common that you do not want to announce it publicly yet. It is said to request the news embargo, which means that the publication should sit on the story by that particular date.

4. Introduction or Lede

A lede or introduction is the opening paragraph of a story that answers the five W’s: who, what, when, where and why. This is the moment when you should tell journalists what the story is and get to the point in answering those five questions.

5. Body Copy

After starting the story, you should stick to relevant information about the story. Any data or details that are important to the story should be included.

6. Company Bio or Info

Last but certainly not least is a section that provides details about your company. Consider it a short biography.

The worst thing is journalists dig your company’s information online instead of working on the story. Providing up-front information is a great help to the press. It also ensures that we are correcting your information.

Wrapping Up

It is important to share information with the press if the like it, they will publish and you will get publicity. You just need to Give important updates about the project or product. And also share your contact and company information.

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