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Why Website Monitoring Is Important For Your Business

A well-functioning website has several advantages. On the one hand, it serves as an online representative, and on the other, it may be used to perform online marketing campaigns for branding and business promotion. However, it is critical to ensure that your website can manage a high volume of visits on a consistent basis.

Website monitoring enters the scene here. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of website monitoring and website monitoring technologies.

Interesting Facts About Websites and Their Performance

  • An eCommerce website should load in less than two seconds.
  • 40% of buyers do not stay on a website for more than three seconds before departing.
  • An internet search is used in more than 90% of purchase decisions.
  • If an internet business is offline for 7 hours, it might lose thousands of dollars.

Surprisingly, 99% of the uptime has a monthly breakdown of roughly seven hours. As a result, it is critical for entrepreneurs or business owners to employ website monitoring services.

Here are the main reasons for continuously monitoring the uptime of your company website.

Top Reasons Why Website Monitoring Is Required for Businesses

Why Website Monitoring Is Required for Businesses

1. Maintaining the Brand Image

Whether you own a physical store or an online store, it is critical that you maintain a brand image for your company. As technology progresses, brand image is more dependent on online experiences and customer service.

If your website has performance issues or users experience frequent downtimes, chances are your company’s online reputation will suffer.

Even well-known companies such as Facebook, Sony, and Amazon occasionally encounter outages. Website monitoring is required to prevent such problems and safeguard your company’s online reputation. It enables you to swiftly detect and handle problems.

2. Avoid Sales and Revenue Losses

Frequent outages cost your firm money in terms of lost sales and income. According to an official assessment, Amazon had an overall profit of $29000 every minute, but when its website went down for barely two years, the corporation lost about $99 million.

Whether you are a retail shop or a B2B or B2C company, it is critical to have your website up and functioning at all times. It is safe to say that downtime on a corporate website is only tolerated on rare occasions. You may use website monitoring to prevent frequent downtimes on your website.

3. Improve Your SERP Rank

Google monitors every page on the planet. It is the one that knows when your website is down and ranks it accordingly on its search pages.

As a result, it is preferable to keep your website free of such concerns. If your company’s website is regularly down for a day or two, it will drop in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

Some of the determining criteria for your website’s search ranking include website performance in terms of speed and UX (User Experience), as well as downtime.

4. Provide the Best Customer Experience

No company can afford to lose clients. If a website is sluggish, the company may continue to lose clients. Customers nowadays demand a website to load at lightning speed in order to have a nice experience.

Furthermore, it is preferable to keep your existing consumers satisfied when they visit your website. Monitoring and keeping track of user activities will come in helpful here.

5. Get Real-Time Statistics

Exact website performance statistics allow you to determine if visitors convert. Website monitoring solutions enable you to obtain real-time sales, leads, and online traffic statistics.

Based on these statistics, you may receive a full picture and make informed judgments. It will eventually help your business and provide you with a devoted consumer base. Simply, real-time online statistics may help your company flourish.

6. Identify Hackers and Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks cost businesses billions of dollars each year. Businesses suffer severe implications whether data is stolen or a website goes down for an extended period of time. Hackers can disturb your website’s uptime by utilizing a few harmful scripts. As a result, your website takes a hit.

Website monitoring allows you to detect such behaviors ahead of time. By SMS and email, the webmaster alerts you to any suspicious or harmful acts or hackers. Based on their messages, you might take precautionary actions to keep hackers away from your website.

7. Improve Your Company’s Dependability

It is not an exaggeration to say that the success of the website is an indicator of the company’s growth and success.

Yes, if your website has been online for two months, it is a source of pride that you may display to visitors. It demonstrates your company’s dependability and increases credibility. It may eventually assist your website in gaining more visitors. You may improve your company’s internet reputation and get a competitive advantage.

8. Enhance the Performance of Your Website

This is the most visible advantage of website monitoring. Web developers employ several website monitoring tools, such as Status Cake and Pingdom, to identify the factors that require improvement in order to improve the overall performance of your website. Website monitoring can efficiently handle load time, online traffic, and other elements.

You can easily keep hackers out of your site while providing users with a flawless experience. All you receive is ongoing testing and tracking of website activity.

9. Get Peace Of Mind

With website monitoring, you can be certain that your website is always operational. Even if you are on holiday with your family or meeting with customers, your website is ready to receive business.

It allows you to avoid checking your website every minute to see if it is operational. As a consequence, you may concentrate on other important tasks with peace of mind.

10. Gain a Competitive Advantage

A well-designed and user-friendly website is a powerful online tool for expanding your business. When your website has minimal downtime and continues to provide a nice experience to clients, your company might gain an advantage over competitors.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, website monitoring is critical for all websites. Regardless of your company’s size or business style, you should choose frequent website monitoring to maintain its faultless functionality. The moment has come to make a one-time investment in website monitoring so that you may focus on business growth.

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