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Whats New In Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is known as a mobile-first web layout and Bootstrap is a powerful front-end framework for the faster development of responsive websites.

Bootstrap 4 is built on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Sass. from recent years, front-end developers have shown interest in Sass instead of Less, widely adopting it in their work and projects. In all the previous versions, Bootstrap used Less as its preprocessor.

There’s a debate every time over which is better for web designers or developers, Sass or LESS? Those used Sass will be pleased to hear that Bootstrap is now officially using Sass with there project. When you will download the Bootstrap source you’ll find a folder called “Sass” in which you’ll see all the necessary partials. “_variables.scss” contains all the variables and settings you’ll need, then “bootstrap.scss” houses all the @import directives, allowing you to customize your Bootstrap installation by including or excluding whichever components you wish.

Lets talk about the new exiting feature that come with Bootstrap 4

#1.  New Grid System

The Bootstrap Grid is used for layout, specifically Responsive Layouts. The Grid is work with of groupings of Rows & Columns inside 1 or more

Bootstrap 3 currently has 4 grid classes for columns, .col-xs-* for mobile phones, .col-sm-*(768px & up) for tablets, .col-md-*(992px & up) for desktops, and .col-lg-*(1200px & up) for larger desktops.

In Bootstrap 4, these media queries, prefixes and breakpoints has been changed. Here’s the list with their media queries:

  • col- : (extra small, less than 576px)
  • col-sm- : (small, 575px and up)
  • col-md- : (medium, 768px and up)
  • col-lg- : (large, 992px and up)
  • col-xl- :  (extra large, 1140px and up)

Bootstrap 4 has another breakpoint, “extra large”.

Example of 3 grid with container

<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="col-sm">
      One of three columns
    <div class="col-sm">
      One of three columns
    <div class="col-sm">
      One of three columns

The other thing to note is that we no longer write a prefix for “extra small”. We simply write ‘col-*’ and it’s implied that it’s extra small.

New Grid System in Bootstrap 4

#2. Flexbox

In Bootstrap 3, the layout and grid system was based on the float property of CSS. This worked well for most people. Bootstrap 4 is now based on Flexbox. If your layout based on the layout and grid system on Flexbox allows for some great options when creating your layouts.

Bootstrap 4 flexbox simply allows you to take full advantage of the flexbox-based grid system and the components.

Some benefit of flex utilities

  • Direction
  • Justify content
  • Align items
  • Auto Margin
  • Wrap
  • Order
  • Align Content
Flexbox Utilities

#3. Spacing Utilities

In Bootstrap 4, some new spacing classes added like margin and paddings. This simply works by assigning responsive-friendly margin or padding values to an element with classes. It is really used to easy and can save you time and coding.

Spacing Utilities
  • m – for classes that set margin
  • p – for classes that set padding

#4. Browser Support Change

Bootstrap themes supports the latest, stable releases of all major and popular browsers and platforms.

Bootstrap 4 Drops IE8 and IE9 Support

You might know that the Bootstrap 3 framework offered support for both IE9 and IE8. However, website designers and developers will be surprised to hear the fact that the latest version of the Bootstrap framework has dropped IE8 and IE9 support.

Browser Support added in Bootstrap for various mobile and desktop

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#5. Customized Options

You are not bound or limitations to use transitions, shadows, gradients, matter-of-fact more of a separate stylesheet much like v3, are what to expect from Sass variables. If you need to change transitions effects or just disable the rounded corners and using borders? Well, in the Bootstrap update you just need to update a variable or classes.

Some of the other features added in Bootstrap v4

  • Bootstrap Cards – Using cards may be the replacement of thumbnails, wells, and old panels. These act as content containers.
  • Less to Sass
  • Newly written JavaScript plugging
  • Improved Documentation
  • Display Headings
  • Designed for all Devices
  • Blog Layout


As you know from the above features that the latest version of the Bootstrap framework has many improvements and changes in styles, typography, layouts, and more. If you wish to learn more about the new updates and changes in the Bootstrap 4 then you should go to the official website of Bootstrap.

Bootstrap 4 updated tools and features will surely help you to design flawless websites. If you are new to Bootstrap faramwork you can start with bootstrap’s template examples

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