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Website Security Recommendations After Russian Attack

Fight back against increased cyberattacks with these free tools and resources

The WordPress security company Wordfence urged WordPress users to keep an eye out for hacking activity after the Russian attack on Ukraine. It also provided tips to help avoid becoming a victim of state-sponsored cyberattacks.

A new version of the Shield’s Up site recently added more information about possible cyberattacks originating from Russia, according to the United States Government Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Secure websites protect search visibility

The security of a website is not considered an SEO issue by most members of the SEO community. Cyberattacks, however, can have a significant impact on a website’s visibility in search results and the ability to display relevant content.

The security of websites is an essential part of SEO, as hacking and other security breaches can negatively affect search visibility.

Wordfence recommends higher vigilance

The prevalence of state-sponsored cyberattacks is on the rise, especially on government and infrastructure websites.

In the current situation, there may also be a threat to commercial websites. Wordfence urged publishers to increase their awareness.

At this early stage, Wordfence acknowledged that state-sponsored hacking events have not yet increased, but nevertheless advised publishers to stay alert as the days and hours proceed.

Here are the steps you should take to protect yourself from cyberattacks according to a Wordfence alert:

  • Read up on phishing and social engineering.
  • Using more than one authentication method will ensure you are protected.
  • Developers of WordPress plugins need to be extra cautious so that they are not compromised and used to spread exploits to all their client sites.
  • Be vigilant about your log files so you can spot suspicious activity.
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for new files (and malicious ones) on your website.

Tips on Cybersecurity

The United States Government CISA also published tips and a list of tools and resources that can help organizations prepare to prevent cyber intrusions.

Some of the measures provided by CISA include:

  • Identify and fix known security vulnerabilities in software.
  • Use multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Remove outdated software that has no updates available.
  • Replacement of any system that relies on a default/unchangeable password
  • Register for Cyber Hygiene Vulnerability Scanning with CISA

Free Resources For Cybersecurity

A comprehensive list of free tools provided on the CISA website can assist in preventing or mitigating cyberattacks.

Below is a partial list of free tools and services:

  1. Cisco Immunet for Microsoft Windows

2. Windows Defender Application Guard

3. Free Protection from Distributed Denial of Service by Cloudflare

4. Secure Socket Layer Certificate from Cloudflare

5. Blocks malware and viruses-infected sites with- Quad9 for Android

6. Quad9– blocks malware and viruses from accessing computers and devices

7. “Project Shield“- provides free protection against DDoS attacks against news, human rights, and election monitoring sites.

8. Vane2– A free vulnerability scanner for WordPress

Consider enhancing your security

Virtually every website is vulnerable to a variety of attacks at any given time.

Due to recent developments in Ukraine, however, the possibility of Russian state-sponsored hacking has increased.

It is important for WordPress publishers to install a trusted security plugin like Wordfence and increase security using the free tools and tips listed above.


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