More Secure your Screen Lock, create a strong password for your smartphone, and Don't use the most common passwords and use fingerprint scanners.

More securE Your screen lock

In the smartphone’s settings go to - Security - Unknown sources. Untick the box. No APK file from an unknown source will be installed on the smartphone as a result of this.

turn off unknown sources

Only use this sort of Wi-Fi to browse and access the internet. However, do not attempt any form of login or other activity on unsecured public networks.

Stay Away from unsecured public networks

Simply search for antivirus on the Google Play Store and download one of the top applications that you find. keep in mind that some apps can cause your smartphone to slow down.

Antivirus gives a better security touch

Bloatware is a type of app that is pre-installed on smartphones. Go to your settings and select the Apps option, then open and disable that app. These apps will stop operating.

 Disable Bloatware apps 

Mobile phones are now used to provide two-factor authentication. A four-digit number is produced on your phone whenever you log in with your standard login and password.

Use Two-factor Authentication