Apple VR Headset 

Apple is now focusing on the AR side of things. Across the board, AR & VR seem to be on the lower end of Apple’s priority right now. 

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Apple’s First AR Headset

Apple has increased the “OLEDoS” display from 2800ppi to 3500ppi. Apple is reaching out to Samsung and LG for its displays. 

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The headset is expected to be powered by a chip with on-par performance as the M1 Pro in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. 

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Apple VR focusing on games 

At least one report claims that Apple isn't focusing on games for its AR/VR headset.  

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More Closer To Eyes

AR headsets need around 30004000ppi being much closer to the eye. For this, OLED was designed using silicon as a substrate instead of glass.  

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Apple VR headset release date

Apple VR/AR headset news September 26 · Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has again claimed the headset may arrive in 2023.  

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 Apple VR headset price?

Rumored to be called "Reality Pro," is expected to be a high-end product that serves space with a price tag worth of $2,000. 

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