Customers shopping on Amazon can now get instant answers to questions, Using Alexa, Amazon can now get instant answers to questions directly from the brand.

Amazon's  "Customers Ask Alexa"

This feature will help brands answer common customer questions. and it is called Customers ask Alexa, When customers pose questions to Alexa, Alexa responds with helpful answers provided by brands from those product categories.

How It Works?

Sponsored content is typically paid for by brands and properly disclosed to consumers. By allowing brands to write their own Alexa answers, customers will essentially be getting advertisements whenever they use "Customers ask Alexa."

It Will Be Helpful For Custumers?

Select sellers will be able to use the new feature in October 2022, but it will remain an invite-only function initially. In 2023, all eligible brands will have access to the feature.

When It Will Be Available?

Throughout the year, Amazon invests billions of dollars in improving infrastructure, tools, services, fulfillment solutions, and resources for sellers.Research products independently before buying something solely based on an Alexa recommendation

Why Amazon Introduce This Feature?