The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly unique console that took the gaming world by storm upon its release in 2017.

Reveal a Hidden Message Inside the Pro Controller- if you hold the right joystick down and look at just the right angle, the message will be revealed

Switch International eShop- Switch's Settings, scroll down to System, and select Region. From here, select your region of choice

Customize Airplane Mode- open Airplane Mode once again after it’s activated, select Controller Connection (Bluetooth), and enable Bluetooth communication.

Combine Screens With Other Nintendo- Games such as Mario Party Superstars allow you to connect two Switch screens.

Play Funny Sound- Press the ZR button, and push down on the left joystick.

Turn On Your TV From Switch- Press the gear icon on the home screen. Scroll down and select TV Output. 3. Match TV Power State and turn it on.

Settings that Save Battery Life- Disable HD Rumble Lower Display Brightness Shorten Sleep Mode Keep Batteries Charged

Turn Your Joy-Con Into a Lightsaber- he IR sensor can become a night vision camera, or even a lightsaber,

Create a Secret Save File- By creating another user for yourself, you can Create a Secret Save File.

Find Your Lost Switch- within your systems settings. This handy tip makes your switch start vibrating, so you can follow the sounds to get the switch.