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TIM SYKES REVIEW Trading Profitably With Penny Stocks

For those interested in trading penny stocks, you may have at some points come across Timothy Sykes, also referred to as Tim Sykes. Tim is best known for building a $15 million financial empire in over two decades, all from trading $12,415 Bar Mitzvah fund in penny stocks. It will interest you to know that Tim’s parents gave him that money during this college days at Tulane University, with the expectation that he would squander it on frivolous things. They hoped that he would learn to be financially prudent through such an experience. Contrary to their expectations, Tim traded the Bar Mitzvah money on the stock market, beginning with the regular stocks and then switching to penny stocks, when he saw that the former was yielding him neither profit nor loss. Since Tim started trading penny stocks, he has achieved significant trading profits. Presently, he teaches other traders how to be financially successful trading penny stocks.

Tim has received mixed reactions, both positive and negative,  from a lot of individuals. The negative feedback is as a result of the flamboyant lifestyle Tim lives, which some find jarring. He has been featured in Forbes, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times, and Fox. He has also been on Larry King’s and Steve Harvey’s shows, where his lifestyle, success, and the analysis of penny stocks were shared by him.

According to Tim Sykes, anyone can be successful trading penny stocks – this was what he achieved as a teenager studying Philosophy and minor in Business at Tulane University. To be successful with the stock market, you do not need an MBA or a college degree. One unique point about Tim Sykes strategy is that it is logically sensible, even from a layman’s perspective. In as much as you stay committed and dedicated to learning the trading fundamentals and applying technical analysis, based on Tim Sykes lessons, it would be easy to make profits trading penny stocks. Take note that you will have a 100% winning rate – not even the best traders in the world have this record. Another unique factor about Tim Sykes is transparency. Tim is always transparent when it comes to revealing his trading gains and losses. Therefore, Tim ensures that his students don’t make the same trading mistake that he did. This would help them make smarter trading decisions.

Tim Sykes’s Training Programs

These days, the internet is filled with a lot of scam artists that pretend to be trading gurus and offer trading systems only for them to rip unsuspecting traders with no result to show. Hence, some individuals tend to discredit based on relatable ugly tales. Tim Syke’s training programs are available to newbies and existing traders via three tiers namely:

  • Tim’s Alerts
  • PennyStocking Silver
  • Tim’s Challenge

Tim’s Alert

Tim’s Alert is one of the cheapest programs an individual can subscribe to. This is the third tier training  program Tim has to offer. It is pegged at $74.95 per month. Newbies can test the waters by subscribing to a one- month price plan. Whatever results you get would determine your next line of action. With Tim’s Alert, you have access to a daily stock watchlist with up to 10 penny stocks for you to analyse and add to your portfolio. With the watchlist, you get a valuable market direction. Additionally, you can access the chatroom where you can rub minds and share trading tips with other traders. Once you are satisfied with the results generated in the first month, you can take advantage of the annual plan which comes with a 24% discount.

PennyStocking Silver

With the PennyStocking Silver, you have access to all the features listed in Tim’s Alert and many more. Additional features that come with this plan include over 6000 video lessons and weekly videos about Tim Sykes’s view on the market. Note that you may not be able to watch all the videos as they are exhaustive. In this case, you can search for the video of your choice based on key parameters you input into the system. Nevertheless, it is ideal to check out a majority of those trading videos, as it will equip them further on how to make the right trading decisions.

Tim’s Challenge

For those that have understood most of the materials on the PennyStocking Silver program, the next ideal place to boost your knowledge and trading skills are Tim’s Challenge, which is also referred to as Millionaire Challenge. Note that you need to go through an application and interview process, after which you will be made a member of the program. The essence of the process is to ensure that you are committed enough to the program. Students on Tim’s Challenge have more personal training experience with Tim Sykes and his team. To begin with, you will have access to a 60-video introductory course that will be sent via email links each day, for the next 60 days. In addition to this, you will be given access to an exclusive chatroom, where Tim and his students share trading ideas, tips and strategies. You also get to receive live webinars where you can view Tim Sykes trading live. With the Millionaire Challenge, you have immersive learning and trading experience. Despite the fact that you will be copying Tim’s trade, you will also have a high level of confidence analysing your trades as well.

Conclusion On Review

Tim Sykes has been able to make $5 million in trading profits from $12,415 just trading penny stocks. Moreover, he has a long list of students he has mentored with similar results to show for it. Most of his students are currently trading the penny stock market full-time. Some of them make five to six-digit figures, while others are also doing fine with what they make. Very few of them have surpassed Tim in trading profits. Hence, joining Tim’s penny stock training program puts you on the right track to succeed as a stock trader – as long as you are determined to make that happen. If you wish to know more about how to get started with any of Tim’s tier course program, please visit this link: Timothy Sykes Review

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