10 Types Of Social Media Content Escalating Your Social Media Marketing

Do you want to increase the engagement, likes, and shares of your social media post?

Most small brands and businesses post multiple images on several social media platforms to engage their existing customers as well as to get new ones. But the question is, what type of content provides the best value, and is liked by audiences?

Here “value” can be defined as engagement, revenue and overall return on investment. If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing strategy, then create visual content that sparks people’s emotions. If you’re not an artist, don’t freak out. We have created a list of 10 types of social media content which will help you to get more traffic and sales.

10 Types Of Social Media Content You Must Use To Boost Website Traffic

1) User-Generated Content

User-generated contents are one of the best ways to increase reach and engagement of your social media profile. When you share the content of your user, then it shows that you care about your audience. For example, GoPro always shares the best photos that their followers capture using the GoPro.

Here’s an amazing photo they re-posted on their Instagram profile.

Image Source – Instagram

Recently, brands have seen a rise in the engagement and shares they receive, especially on the photo-sharing social networking platform like Instagram as it has more than 900 million active users per month and more than 95 million images are uploaded daily.

Reposting the photos of the followers makes them feel special and cared for by the brand.

If you are not sharing the user-generated contents, then you are missing out an opportunity to connect with your customers.

Try to monitor social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to find the best contents that feature your product. Then, share their contents and also don’t forget to credit them back.

2) Podcasts

Podcasts are a fast and convenient way to create audio content for your social media pages. They have been around a long time now, but recently their demand has increased significantly.

According to a survey, more than 26% of the U.S population listen to podcasts every month. You should start using podcasts in social media platforms because they get more listeners, and have an engaged audience. However, most of the social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter don’t allow to upload the podcasts directly.

You have two options to solve the problem:

  • Share a direct link of your podcast.
  • You can use a static image, and place the audio over it, to make it as a video.

Image Source – Facebook

It will help your audience to listen to your podcast without visiting another website. Hence, identify the needs of your audience and create an audio or video podcast, then share on all your social media profiles.

You need to keep in mind, when it comes to starting your own podcast, there are a few essentials you need to get going like a good pair of wireless headphones, a good microphone, recording and editing software etc.

3) Livestreams

Live streaming is one of the new forms of social media content which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. According to a survey done on 1000 individuals by Livestream and New York magazine, 80 percent of them prefer to watch a live event video streaming from a brand instead of reading their blog.

Nowadays, most of the social media networks like Facebook and Instagram provide the feature of the live stream to interact with the followers directly. In Facebook, once you have finished live streaming, you can choose whether to delete the content or make it available for your audience to view afterwards.

But this feature is not available on Instagram Live, as your content disappears after 24 hours. You can also use live streaming as a lead generation machine. All you need to do is ask your viewers to click on a particular link or fill a form to get access to your premium assets.

You can do Q&A’s, unboxing of a product, and other things on a live stream which will help you to get quality leads and sales. Try to provide value in your live streams so that when you promote an asset, the chances of conversion also increases.

4) Infographics

Infographics are the most loved form of content on social media. They are informative and eye-catching which results in more engagement and shares. Don’t worry if you are not a graphic designer, as you can create amazing infographics with the help of several online tools such as Canva, Piktochart, and many more.

Image Source – Canva

There are many ready-made templates available which you can customize yourself. The quality of the pictures available is also excellent which helps to get more engagement. You should create eye-catching infographics using these tools and share them on social media platforms regularly.

If you want to get the most out of your social media contents, then enroll in a digital marketing course to learn the advanced strategies of an effective social media marketing campaign. The scope of digital marketing is widespread where Melbourne digital marketing can help you turn all your marketing attempts into a big success by converting your advertising into real profits.

5) Virtual Reality Content

Virtual reality also abbreviated as VR is a real big hit at the moment. Businesses that are creating VR contents are observing an increased engagement on social media platforms. Most of the organizations are also creating informational as well as interactive VR videos.

To stand out in the competitive marketplace, you need to create high-quality VR content so that your audience can engage with. You don’t always require a VR headset to see the videos, most of the social networking sites like Facebook, and Youtube allows you to view 360-degree videos.

Hence, invest in a good VR camera and curate high-quality photos and videos to share it with your subscribers.

6) Webinars

Webinars are also a type of content which you share on the social media platforms. You can use them to as informative contents, and once the webinar gets over, share it on all the other platforms as well.

You can upload a recorded webinar on Facebook or YouTube with the help of a gating option. It helps you in collecting emails and leads for your brand. Remind the audience of the future webinars as well.

7) Graphics with Quotes

Everyone loves images with motivational quotes and posters. Graphics with quotes work well on every social networking site, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit as people like to share inspirational photos on their timelines.

You need to focus on the three things while creating a quote graphic, i.e., fonts, photo, and the quote itself. Try to use short quotes because most people will view it on their mobile devices. Also, make sure to find photos that sync with the quote correctly. For example, don’t use a picture of a group of people partying while creating a quote related to education.

8) Lists Posts

Image Source – ShoutMeLoud

People love to read and share lists posts. There are several forms of content including:

  • Lists Posts
  • How-to Posts
  • Why Posts
  • What Posts

Among the above listed, lists posts perform the best. According to a study, lists get the most social traction at 22.45 percent. Hence, these types of content get more likes, shares and social engagement as compared to the other forms of posts.

Create a high-quality top 10 or 20 article and share it on all the social platforms for maximum exposure.

9) Ebooks

Ebook is taking over the traditional hardcover books, and you need to take advantage of it. If you promote eBooks on the social media platforms, you will get some amazing source of leads.

Image Source – Goodereader

You can also use the paid advertising to promote your eBooks on social media to get in front of a highly targeted audience. It will help you to increase the sales and revenue of your eBook. If you have not created an eBook, then consider writing one, and share it all the social networking sites with powerful CTA’s for the best result.

10) Pure Text

Simply using text for creating content can be easy for someone but difficult for others. You need to have a creative mind to write an engaging and compelling story. You need to make sure that the beginning is captivating enough to attract the audience.

It’s also important to be as brief as possible because nobody likes to read a long article on social media platforms. Use suspense and mystery properly to make a user read more.

The Afterwords

After understanding about the best types of social media content, what should be your next step? Include them in your online marketing strategy and produce quality content to share it on all the social media platforms.

Analyze your audience, and test different types of social media content to create a powerful social media marketing plan. It will help you increase your site’s traffic, sales, leads and even followers.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Social Media:  it started with Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild Facebook in 2009 and has expanded and exploded into multitude platforms, each with a slightly different purpose, but with the common goal of turning the world into ‘a large global community.’  Social media is still very new, and is evolving rapidly, so much so that many social media gurus and companies have emerged offering a multitude of tips, advice, and ideas to companies desperate to market themselves on various social media platforms in order to raise greater awareness about them and their brands, and capture new markets.  However, some of the tips, advice, and ideas floated by those claiming to be experts in social media are incorrect.  This article explores five such myths.

Social Media Widget Plugin

1. Email communication is now ‘dead’ : 

While it is true that all social media platforms, regardless of their purpose, have given people new ways to connect and communicate with people in far-flung corners of the world who they otherwise would never encounter. It is a myth that social media communication is replacing email messages.  Social media is a by-product of the Internet and the digital age. It is for this reason that many companies are relying on digital marketing to sell their goods and services to those in their target markets.  They are finding that they need to communicate by email more than ever to do this. Indeed a well-written email message which clearly and concisely conveys a particular message is much more effective than a whole bunch of posts and short tweets are.

This is combined with the fact that social media platforms have changed their rules of engagement in recent years.  This means that any post or tweet is now reaching and engaging far fewer people than it did in the past. According to many Facebook users, this number is as low as 6% – that is not nearly enough to create a vast fan following which will generate leads and customers for companies. Email messages that are well crafted and professional, on the other hand, have an engagement of at least 20%.  This means that far more people in any businesses’ target markets are much more responsive through email than through the many social media platforms that they may feel they are being inundated with.

2. B2B social media marketing and B2C social media marketing are not the same

The algorithms for both types of marketing are the same.  In the end, the company needs to ensure that their social media posts contain information that satiates their followers and viewers.  It is only then that its social media marketing campaigns, be they B2B or B2C will be a success!

3. Only those posts with high engagement are being noticed by the masses

This notion is complete nonsense because many users of social media platforms may be enthralled by a particular post and may be motivated to take a call-to-action even if they don’t like it, respond to it, or comment on it.  This is because people are busy and are often times bogged down by the nonsense posts that they may see on various social media platforms.  This can make them less likely to respond to business posts relaying important information and urging them to take a call-to-action.

Another thing that businesses doing marketing on social media platforms must remember is that because of the nature of social media, it is a more casual and informal method of communication. Meaningful engagement and responses on various social media platforms may take months, and sometimes even years.

4. Only the younger people in my target markets use social media :

While it may be true that ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ in that older people take much longer to adapt to and use various social media platforms, it is simply not true that older people completely avoid social media because they did not grow up with this type of casual and informal type of communication.

In developing nations, as the large demographic segment (commonly referred to as ‘the baby boomers’) ages, they are becoming the single largest demographic group to use social media, and their numbers are growing by the day.  Their age ranges from 73-54, so they are NOT young users.  This trend is repeating itself in developing nations rapidly as well. The reason for this is because, like the Internet, social media is all-pervasive and is completely transforming the ways in which people live, do business, and communicate with others. Given this reality, it is only natural that older people are embracing social media platforms en-masse, and are using them extensively and intensively.

5. Social media is only used by companies in hot and emerging industries:

Many people assume that because social media platforms and the Internet that supports them are new and constantly evolving, they are sexy modes of communication that only those companies in hot and emerging industries – those that use this type of technological communication the most need to use it.  But as per a reputed social media marketing company – Tangensys, this is not true because social media is all about reaching out to the larger and disparate global community with a message.  This means that people in traditional industries like plumbing and mechanics can use social media for advertising, marketing, and communication to ‘get their messages across’  In fact, social media is designed for business who succeed by telling compelling stories about their brands and services – any business can do that.  Indeed, those businesses who use social media extensively tend to find that they have greater conversion rates faster, and this is true for businesses in any industry.

Social media is changing the way the world works and is part of the information revolution because it puts a great deal of information which was once the reserve of traditional media channels with a limited reach in the hands of people around the world.  As people are struggling to figure out how to use this new medium of communication and engagement, many myths about it are emerging.  Five of the most popularly believed myths have been debunked in this article.

Author Bio:

Manish Kumar works as a content marketing head at SeoBirdie, a leading SEO company India. He is experienced and knows how to balance creativity and technical side of content. He loves making valuable content marketing strategies for his customers.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Benefits For Active Online Presence

Social media marketing results are visible these days. Whether it is a personal account, an individual’s professional page or a company’s web page, it has been accepted by all that social media marketing is actually a great, fast and outstanding medium to ensure a strong online presence for a business. Even after disclosing the benefits of social media for business, there are still some of the companies that don’t rely on social media marketing for their brand visibility.

Basically, social media marketing requires deep insights and powerful strategy. It takes less time to get implemented. When it comes to describing the exact stats, the technique doesn’t get defeated by any other online marketing tactic.

Relevant Stats

It is calculated that 97% of marketers are using social media to grow their number of quality prospects while 78% of salespersons make excellent use of it to generate quality leads from different social channels.

We know that there are still some of the business owners who don’t consider social media marketing as a rank or traffic booster digital marketing technique. This blog is compiled for their reference and also to make them aware of the myriad of advantages they can have with social media marketing for business.

Create Outstanding Brand Recognition

Establishing brand recognition is one of the important and primary tasks to be accomplished to achieve marketing goals. The major reason that why people move towards the brand they already recognize is the recognition it has gained. Similarly, if you want to attain such recognition for your brand, start promoting it on social media platforms. Thankfully, these networks made it easier for everyone to ensure effective promotion for the associated stuff.

Build Credibility

Through a well-planned social media marketing, a brand will be able to build trust and credibility for the services and products it delivers. This can be conveniently done by increasing the customer engagement towards promotional content or page. Here, you can put content which specifies your market reliability. At any social network, you can place attractive ads or promotional links to influence visitors. This will increase the clicks & views which automatically improves your brand credibility over the web.

Improve Brand Image

Creating a story of your brand is the next best strategy which you can implement through social media marketing. These platforms attract visitors towards the promotional ads. And the moment they connect with your brand is the right time to make the story of your brand visible in front of them. An engaging story will connect them and this makes your brand more comprehensive among them.

Earn Long-term Audience

In case you earn long-tailed quality prospects, the chances are that they will be with you for long. The only thing you need is building trust for your brand. As the numbers grow, your brand will be able to influence more visitors and it continues for long. The advantage of it will reflect in the sales outcomes that you can calculate before and after social media marketing. Earning a wide number of Fans over social media is the best way to increase conversions for the brand.

Connect With The Audience With A Brand Voice

Every brand has the power to influence customers and develop a robust brand image through authentic communication over social media. If you inculcate a genuine tone and feel of your brand in a reflective design, you will be able to compel users towards anything. It may include classy ad design, valuable content and an intuitive message. These are the factors that improve user experiences which ultimately is a key to bring qualified prospects to the brand.

Ending Notes

Managing business marketing planning is really daunting but when it gets implemented by using social media marketing channels, it is quite interesting and easy. There are different social media marketing tactics that you can use to execute a seamless social media campaign. So, what are you waiting for! Initiate social media marketing and carry a positive image for your business. It will help you build strong and an active online presence for your brand.

Author’s Bio

David Meyer is a passionate social media marketing expert at CSSChopper who endeavors hard to achieve committed goals for a business. He is a deep thinker and constantly research for the new and trendy social media marketing techniques that are beneficial for all types of businesses. To show his research interest, he often writes informational blogs on trending online marketing topics.