How To Get Flickr User ID?

How To Get Flickr User ID?

Get your Flickr User ID is very simple enough. You need to log in into your Flickr account using yahoo credentials and visit your profile page.

Follow the simple steps according to the points and screenshots:

Step 1: Login to your Flickr account.

Step 2: Then go to your profile.

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How To Get Flickr API Key

How To Get Flickr API Key

The Flickr API is available for Commercial  & Non-Commercial use by outside developers and Flickr users.

Get Flickr API Key

Flickr API can be used to configure your application on different platforms.

Here we get the answer of this question that how to get Flickr API Key. And here is the set to get Flickr API Key:

Step 1: First Login to your Flickr Account.

Step 2: Then click on this link

Step 3: Click on the apply for your key online now link.

Step 4: Choose which key you want to apply for Commercial or Non-Commercial (The non-commercial key will be free of cost and the Commercial key will cost you money).

Step 5: Then fill up the short form about the app and provide details about the where are you going to use the API key.

Step 6: Click on the Submit button.

API Key: 835a76545614abd8ce3aa826948ef6ec

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