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4 Social Media Content Types To Boost Your Audience Engagement

If you’re looking to increase your audience engagement with compelling social media content, this guide is for you.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of new content are on social media daily.

If your posts aren’t compelling enough and don’t stand out, you’ll lose your audiences’ attention to more engaging content from other brands and users.

You’ll miss countless engagement opportunities and even hinder your efforts to grow your social media following organically

The solution? Level up your social media engagement efforts by creating captivating images, videos, and other content that stands out and encourages action from your audience. 

While this can be easier said than done, begin your efforts to boost audience engagement with these four social media content types.

1. Videos

Videos are great for connecting with social media users because of how engaging the format can be compared to other content types.

Plus, videos are often easier to consume than other content pieces, especially among younger audiences who thrive on instant gratification and access.

Create high-quality social media videos to support your efforts to drive brand awareness, generate leads, connect with your audience better, and increase engagement (among others).

Some of the videos you can create for social media include:

  • Shareable and engaging User-Generated Content (UGC) in video format that can show how customers use and enjoy your products.
  • Video clips listing the top five product features you want to highlight or practical tips for customers.
  • Eye-catching social media video ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Promotional 30 to 60-second video clips to advertise your products, services, special events, and other offers.
  • Explainer videos that share mini-tutorials and how-tos on the correct and best ways to use your products or services.  
  • Live videos on Instagram or Facebook to broadcast events and activities in real-time, allowing you to interact directly with your audience.

Opt for easy-to-use video creation and editing tools. It helps you create stunning videos even without the help of graphic designers.

You can also simplify and speed up distributing your social media videos with a reliable social media marketing platform.

Vista Social is one such platform.

It has post scheduling feature that lets you set your content to auto-publish on your connected social media accounts.

Image source:

You won’t need to manually publish your posts, freeing you more time and energy to focus on creating engaging social media videos and writing amazing content.

Vista Social’s other notable features include a reviews management option, social listening tool, and engagement analytics and reporting (among others). Its features are very much comparable, sometimes even better than other more tenured social media management platforms such as Loomly or Hootsuite.

2. Branded visual content

Creating branded content for social media isn’t about plastering your posts with your logos and icons.

It involves producing visuals and other creatives to help make your brand memorable, trustworthy, and interesting to your audiences.

When created strategically, branded content can help you form strong emotional connections with your audience and, in turn, improve your engagement.

Below are some quick tips to help you create compelling branded content.

  • Ensure your content stays true to your brand personality. It keeps your content consistent and on-brand, helping you drive awareness and recognition.
  • Determine your target audience, know what they’re most likely to respond positively to, and tailor your branded content accordingly to engage them better.

For instance, if you offer a reliable time tracking app, your target audiences can include remote workers, online businesses, project teams, etc. 

  • Find content formats and themes that are popular among your target audience. Weave these into your branded content to draw attention to your posts, spark interest, and boost engagement.

You don’t need to create everything from scratch to produce beautiful branded social media graphics.

Use well-designed templates from Canva and customize them to fit your branding and campaign goals.

Image source:

Don’t forget to track and measure your branded content’s performance by developing a solid content tracking strategy.

You’ll gain insights into your social media audience’s response to your content, helping you tweak and improve your content and campaigns.

3. Reviews and testimonials

Engage your social media audiences by letting the voices of satisfied customers speak for your brand.

Turn your customer reviews and testimonials into eye-catching social media content.

It’s an excellent way to put your brand in a good light (without doing too much self-promotion), helping you build trust with your potential customers and generate leads.

Create captivating visual content from your glowing reviews and share them on your Facebook feed and Instagram Stories and Reels.

SKINRx LAB’s Instagram Reel is a great example. 

Image source:

Whether you sell retail items or provide handy kanban tools for seamless product management, sharing reviews can help you win more customers.

Take this to the next level by designing captivating and compelling visuals from your reviews and testimonials for better audience engagement.

4. Articles and blogs

Sharing relevant blogs and articles that provide value to your social media audience is one effective way of engaging them.

It can also help establish your business as an authority in your industry and drive traffic to your web pages and website.

However, you need to be strategic when sharing text-based, long-form content on visual content-heavy social media platforms.

The trick is to share a snippet from the blog post, something interesting and catchy, on your social media channels. Include a link that readers can click to get to the entire piece.

Take inspiration from HubSpot’s Facebook post.

Image source:

You can share an image (graph), write a compelling caption, and include a Call-to-Action (CTA) in the comments to entice your audience to click and read more.

You can also leverage social media platforms that let you share your entire article, such as LinkedIn.

Whether you’re sharing tips on how to buy SEO articles or shopping hacks to get the most out of brand sales, include visuals or graphic elements such as icons and emojis.

Doing so can make your text-based content more engaging, more human, and relatable.

Drive social media engagement with compelling content

Leverage various content types and formats that support your efforts to boost your engagement and meet your social media marketing goals.

Start with the social media content types in this guide and add more that best fit your brand, audience, and campaigns.

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