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Salesforce Sales Cloud Review Top Pros and Cons

Salesforce is considered the kingpin of CRM software, for better or for worse it’s the most well-known solution among many development companies.

But at the same time, many believe it to be overrated. So which is it? The revolutionary solution that every sales team needs? Or is it just the promise of potential without delivery?

That’s what I’m going to go over today. So let’s get started.

What You’ll Love

I want to look at the bright sides first. Salesforce isn’t an objectively bad CRM system. In fact many companies will tout it as the secret to their success. 

  • Well-designed User Experience
  • Automation
  • Compatible with virtually any software
Well designed User

The Ideal User Experience

Customization and a good UI are at the top of the list. You can easily interact with the interface and everything is pretty clearly labelled. The UI is very appealing and encouraging, while also offering guidance every step of the way.

And if the default options don’t offer any utility to your team, then you can customize the software till it perfectly fits into your business.

Give Yourself An Efficiency Boost

Help your team save time by automating. It takes a lot of complicated processes to keep your momentum going. 

Save on man power by having Salesforce handle the time consuming parts so your team is available to focus on tasks that require a human element. Keep things efficient and save on time while you’re at it.

Integration Made Easy

Like I said earlier, you can customize a great deal. This extends to any custom software your company might require.

Instead of going back and forth between different apps and dashboards, your team has access to everything they need in a centralized way.

What You’ll Hate

All that being said, it’s not going to be easy breezy the whole time. You’re going to run into certain problems and being aware of them is the first step to preparing for them.

  • High costs, low ROI
  • Customer support is unhelpful
  • Bloated with a lot of clutter
Salesforce Sales Cloud2

Straining The Budget

You’re going to need a blank cheque to keep up with the costs. Starting with Salesforce software is going to take a decent chunk of your budget.

And once it’s been built, it will require a lot of different add-ons to offer any meaningful utility to your operations. 

Lack Of Support

One of the most widespread criticisms against Salesforce is that they don’t actually seem to have a support team. Or rather their support team is just a sales team that’s not capable of providing help.

They sell potential but don’t have solutions. 

The Learning Curve That Never Ends

While the UI is itself well designed, many development companies feel that it’s also very cluttered. And many tasks that are simple in nature become overly complex due to the way everything is organized.

Many development companies feel that this particular issue nullifies any benefits that come from the UI.


All in all, Salesforce CRM has its place in world of sales. However it still has many problems associated with it, making this software less attractive.

You can find ways to make it work of course, but make sure to plan for it and put in the right amount of work.

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