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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Wordpress For Your Business Website

WordPress has grown to be the most popular and trusted Content Management System (CMS) for all the right reasons. Today, this site builder is responsible for over 75 million websites, making it a top choice for any business after an ideal website platform. Here are eight reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your business website.

1.   WordPress is open-source software

The number one reason why WordPress has become so commonplace is that it is an open-source platform. No restrictions on who can use this website builder means that anyone can download, install, and modify this site builder to suit their needs.

As a business, this translates to cost-efficiency when you opt for WordPress web design services as you get to enjoy affordable plans and pricing. You also get to have the flexibility of hosting your site wherever you like without any restrictions.

2.   WordPress is easily customizable

Did you know that one in every four websites that you come across uses WordPress? Everyone, from upcoming bloggers to renowned brands such as CNN and TED, has found a sweet spot in this site builder as it supports endless customization.

WordPress supports versatility by allowing the use of plugins and appealing themes to make a site look, feel, and act in any way you desire. As such, you can use WordPress to build a website of any kind, right from simple blogs to eCommerce stores, without compromising quality or functionality.

3.   WordPress is SEO-oriented

In today’s business landscape, you need a search-engine friendly website as this is the most natural way to attract quality traffic. WordPress offers you out of the box SEO friendliness as it allows for:

  • Impressive site speed
  • Mobile optimization, as most themes are mobile-friendly
  • Social media integration
  • Customization of your permalinks
  • Auto-generation of title tags and meta descriptions
  • The use of SEO plugins to optimize your pages and content
  • Uploading SEO-optimized images

4.   WordPress is easy to manage

Do you worry about the demands of website management? Opting for a WordPress site will save your business from these worries and the burden of high monthly maintenance costs as they are pretty easy to manage. You will love that the access to everything you need to maintain your site is provided on your WordPress admin dashboard.

Since you will be notified of any maintenance actions required, you will never have to worry about what is required for the optimal functionality of your site. You will also appreciate the ready availability of helpful WordPress resources to help you tackle any problem that you might encounter.

5.   WordPress was created as a blogging platform

Content is king, and as a business thinking about creating a website, you need to factor in how easy it will be to create and upload your content. WordPress allows you to have this on a silver platter as it was built to be a blogging platform before it advanced to accommodate varied demands.

It does this by providing you with the power of advanced content creation tools that allow you to create, edit, and update your posts. This gets better as WordPress comes with a built-in media uploader that supports images, audio, and video files for more captivating and interactive content.

6.   WordPress is highly scalable

Your business needs a website that can grow and be adjusted to suit emerging demands. The design flexibility of WordPress enables it to achieve this as you can always use new plugins and themes to upgrade your website.

This flexibility gives you a lifetime CMS platform that you can always count on for enhanced online visibility. As such, you do not have to be afraid of starting small with WordPress, as there is more than enough room to upgrade as your business grows.

7.   WordPress has great security features

As technology continues to redefine the modern business landscape, the biggest concern for all enterprises is the ever-growing cyber threats. While building your website, you need to pre-anticipate the likelihood of your website getting hacked.

The truth is that every system is vulnerable, and cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in how they carry out their attacks. Nonetheless, WordPress is designed to close these vulnerabilities as it has many security tools and plugins that you can use to beef up your site’s security.

8.   WordPress is continuously being upgraded

Unlike most CMS platforms, WordPress is not maintained by a single company. Instead, it enjoys the backing of a dedicated community of developers. These specialists from across the world are always improving the platform by fixing bugs, introducing new tools, and making it more user-friendly.

This will work to your advantage as you get to have an ever-advancing content management system that keeps up with current and emerging technology demands. In the end, this saves you from the inconvenience and frustration of moving from one site builder to the next.


As a business, you deserve the peace of mind that your website is built from the best CMS platform. With the many advantages that WordPress offers, it is without a doubt the ultimate choice that will offer you lasting value.

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