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Ways To Prevent Data Leak From Android

In this age of the internet, you must be aware of how much the mobile phone has simplified our work; yet, if you are unaware of how to prevent your phone from being hacked or how to keep your mobile data private, you are not alone.

Although hacking a mobile phone is not easy, it is not impossible, and if we do not have the necessary information about mobile security, anyone can hack our phone.

If you don’t know how to hack Whatsapp, you won’t be able to prevent it from being hacked, and if you don’t know how Facebook is being hacked these days, you won’t be able to prevent it from being hacked.

To hack a phone, all it takes is one small piece of software to be loaded, after which everything on the phone is hacked, including images, movies, calls, Facebook, and Whatsapp, if we don’t pay attention.

Let’s find out what security precautions you must take to keep your phone from being hacked.

More Secure your Screen Lock

If someone wants to use your smartphone, they must first know the password, pin, pattern lock, and other security features. This is the only way to ensure that no one can access your personal information if the other person knows how to operate your smartphone. First and foremost, create a strong password for your smartphone.

The most common passwords used are 1234 and 0000, although these are easily guessable. Many individuals create passwords on their birthdays as well, however, your friend, family, or anyone who knows your birthday will be able to simply unlock the phone by inputting the code, so make it a memorable one.

These days, fingerprint scanners are included in almost all modern smartphones; if your phone has this feature, you may easily safeguard it. By just placing your finger on this scanner, you can lock and unlock the phone at any moment.

Not only that, but Android Pay services make many forms of payments with a fingerprint sensor very simple and secure. If you’re on the market for a new smartphone, opt for one with a fingerprint scanner. You can also use a more secure approach with apps. like this one

Face lock

Face Lock is a feature that most people are familiar with. Many cell phones already have it. If your phone does not have this feature, you can use the Face Lock app to enable it. You may lock specific apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Settings, and Photo Gallery, in addition to the phone itself.

Smart Phone Lock

Anyone may access your phone by bypassing the majority of lock screen apps. However, this program is so secure that no one can uninstall it without your consent once you’ve installed it. The PIN changes from time to time, which is the most notable feature of the Smartphone Lock software. If it’s 11:30 and you’ve typed +10 in the app, your password will be 1140. That way, as the time changes, all you have to do is add 10 to the password, and it will keep changing. Instead of +10, you can use any other digit.

Download apps from Play Store or Brands Store only – turn off unknown sources

Many users install programs on their phones by downloading APK files. However, downloading apps through the Play Store is the best and safest option. People are still adopting APK technologies.

Those who install apps in this manner, on the other hand, may be unaware that the APK package they are downloading has been modified and may contain harmful items for the phone, such as malware, trojans, or keyloggers. Can gain access to the phone and take all of the personal information stored on it.

There is a way to put an end to it. Simply go to your smartphone’s settings and look for an item under Settings > Security > Unknown sources. Untick the box. No APK file will be installed on the smartphone as a result of this.

Stay Away from unsecured public networks – wifi hotspots

Keeping in touch with the rest of the world via a mobile phone has grown increasingly crucial in recent years. However, we are frequently on vacation or have a poor internet connection. Connect to a free Wi-Fi or shared hotspot in this scenario.

Only use this sort of Wi-Fi to browse and access the internet. However, do not attempt any form of login or other activity on such a network. Because your information could be hacked and your account could be tracked. Don’t forget to open a bank account, etc., while you’re at it. If at all possible, avoid utilizing an insecure Wi-Fi connection.

Modify App Permissions Manually

When you download an app from the Play Store, you’ll be prompted for a variety of permissions. Google has attempted to make app permissions a little safer in the most recent versions of Android. Most users, on the other hand, completely disregard this and grant an app all access.

That’s without considering how the program might use your data with all of these rights. If you have any worries about allowing the app permission to access your phone’s contacts, media, images, or other data, go to the settings and reset the permission level of that app.

A good Antivirus gives a better security touch

Many apps with a scan feature can be found in the Google Play Store. Additionally, these tools have the ability to delete cache, trash, and other forms of unwanted data.

Simply search for antivirus on the Google Play Store and download one of the top applications that you find. Additionally, keep in mind that some apps can cause your smartphone to slow down because they continuously and repeatedly examine your phone’s files and other data. However, if you have a nice smartphone, this issue will not arise frequently.

Keep in mind that antiviruses also use more resources like battery and ram to provide a security layer so choose a company that gives better security with fewer resources.

Bloatware apps – Disable them

Instead of the iPhone, there are a plethora of Android devices available at various price points. Although some of these are inexpensive, they come with pre-loaded apps for which the brand is compensated by having them put on the users’ phones. This strategy aids the corporation in lowering the device’s cost.

Some of these apps can be beneficial and useful at times. However, it should be noted that these apps can sometimes access the phone’s data.

When it comes to Samsung devices, you won’t be able to remove the company’s pre-installed apps in most cases. Another option is to disable them through your phone’s settings.

To do so, go to your settings and select the Apps option, then open and disable that app. These apps will stop operating if you disable them.

Use Two-factor Authentication if possible

This form of login is now available on practically all e-commerce websites, from email accounts to social networking sites. This ensures complete safety. In 1984, the technology of two-factor authentication was patented. However, it has only recently gained popularity. It is a method of gaining access to a bank account, email account, or any other secure resource by matching two items.

Mobile phones are now used to provide two-factor authentication. A four-digit number is produced on your phone whenever you log in with your standard login and password. The account is opened after the same code is entered during the login process.

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