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The most successful 18+ content monetization service gained worldwide fame in early 2020 – during the pandemic. People were looking for alternative ways to make money online and discovered 18+ models in themselves. Once upon a time, ordinary people earned big money on OnlyFans. How are things now? And are there other similar but more effective analogs?

Previously, it was quick and easy to monetize the explicit content on  OnlyFans. For many, OF has even become the major income source. At that time, the competition wasn’t that high. But then celebrities came to the service pulling all the attention. Now it is tragically difficult for ordinary models to reach success on OnlyFans. No matter how hard they try and how well they present themselves – there are only stars on top.

Now, OnlyFans have more than 1.5 million authors and more than 170 million users. Against such an all-consuming success, many other canny developers followed in the footsteps of the OF team.

Let’s analyze the features and disadvantages of OnlyFans to get how other platforms differ from the most popular 18+ subscription service.

OnlyFans in 2022-2023

The competition is super high. In two years, there have become dozens of times more models, and practically impossible to get into the ratings. And daily, 500k new users are registered in the service. In 2022, OF earned $2 billion (the service takes a 20% commission from authors). Onlyfans is a promising project for investors but hard work for unpopular bloggers.

The hardest OF fate is the newbies’ prerogative. The service does not have internal ad tools or algorithms for the organic promotion of the best stuff. The authors advertise their OnlyFans pages through other social networks (Instagram or TikTok mostly). If the subscriber base on Insta is small, there is no one to invite to OF. You must first promote your accounts on other platforms: work on the strategy and invest in marketing and targeting. That extremely complicates and prolongs the path to your OnlyFans success.

On OnlyFans, only very successful bloggers can relatively quickly gain subscribers for enough income. At the same time, from the entire pool of original fans, just a small part becomes OF-followers. But due to the fact, that’s a part of hundreds of thousands and millions… So, it’s more than ok for the high “salary.”

OnlyFans: Registration and Getting Started

OnlyFans: Registration and Getting Started

First, you need to create your page on OnlyFans. It’s fast. You need to pass verification to confirm your identity and age. Once your application is approved, you can start posting content.

All your paid posts are in your account. You set the subscription price at your discretion. Before payment, the viewer does not see your photos and videos – the page is closed. You should pay exceptional attention to the profile design and description – this is your business card, which should intrigue and encourage viewers to subscribe.

Is it possible to promote within OnlyFans? The algorithms of this service are not for promotion at all. The system is interested neither in your development nor the quality of your publications. The service is already making good money for those who have already been promoted.

The big problem of OnlyFans (for authors and viewers) – is the absence of the main page with the authors. The interface is poor: there is nothing except for the recommendations section. In the recommendations, only super tops and celebrities (who have enough glory even without it). The rest of the bloggers (as already mentioned) must look for subscribers outside the service.

Often models create an open account in addition to a paid one. The second page promotes the main one: it contains teaser posts for what is published for a subscription. The goal is to make teasers as intriguing as possible and to arouse a desire to see more (but for money).

A better alternative for today: FriendsOnly

FriendsOnly is a new social media platform for content creators of all spheres, including 18+ models.

The main feature is advanced promotion tools. Unlike OnlyFans, where creators have to deal with two accounts, FriendsOnly authors publish free posts with subscription content and paid ones on the same profile. Free content from all authors is displayed in a general feed for all viewers. Authors post only vertical videos (the most catchy and efficient format).  The more you post, the more often you end up on the main page. The higher your chance of being noticed by new subscribers. The interface and mechanics principles are similar to TikTok. 

Promotion does not depend on experience or the subscribers’ number. The author can be on-top after the first post. A special algorithm selects the most interesting and unique content for the recommendations section. The user can go from the general feed to the page of any author. All the posts are in one account (free and paid). The exclusive, closed videos will open after payment. 

FriendsOnly creators can set up a trial period for subscription. Thanks to this feature, users get temporary access to paid content. FriendsOnly authors also receive statistics tools, a personal manager, and gifts for expanding the audience. Moreover, withdrawal of funds to bank accounts of any country is available. No restrictions.

Sign up for OnlyFans or FriendsOnly?

Today, logging into OnlyFans makes sense for successful influencers looking for alternative ways to increase their income. If you’re new to content marketing, join FriendsOnly first to start making money from your first posts, promote yourself, and gain an audience before trying to monetize your account. 

Join FriendsOnly here as a content creator – friendsonly.me

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