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Tips To Make Your Social Media Content Visible

What’s your first thought when you want to improve your social media presence? You may be working on your personal brand, or maybe you’re working on a marketing campaign. Whatever the case is, you have one thought to mind: “Is there a trick how to increase my social media following?”

It’s the purpose of social media marketing – you want a larger audience to expose your message to. And yes; there is a trick. You want to post great content and do everything you can to increase visibility for it. 

It’s not easy.

You still need great content. It’s a pivotal element of your plan to gain visibility. The good news is that you can make it more visible, and we’ll give you tips on how to do that.

How To Increase Social Media Visibility

1. Develop Content For Your Audience

You had a great response from your followers when you first started publishing content, but then the enthusiasm deflated. It’s not because your content was good and now it’s trash. It’s because the needs of your audience changed, and they started following profiles that meet those upgraded needs in a better way.

To understand what the current interest of your target audience are, you should follow influencers that use and review the products or services you’re trying to promote. If you own a small local restaurant, you should analyze what foodies are into nowadays. Are you an author trying to strengthen a personal brand? then start following blogs by readers. If you’re using social media for education, see what your audience wants to learn now.

See what people want! Then, target those evolving interests with your content. Include new keywords, too. You’ll soon see the social media increase in attention.  

2. Optimize Your Profiles

If someone sees your profile for the first time, they will be curious. They want to know who it is behind that profile, and what’s the point of the content they are about to see in the feed. This is why you should fill in the About info for your social media profiles. Don’t go overboard with the keywords and official introductions. Just be yourself and write a cool bio.

There’s another side to optimizing profiles. You need to adjust the content you publish and the way you use the platform, in accordance with the changes it introduces.

As an example, check out @beachyogagirl on Instagram. You’ll find posts mentioning the drop in outreach since Instagram’s rules changed. Her followers were no longer seeing her posts in their feeds.

When a change in algorithm occurs and you face a drop in outreach, you have to do something about it. This happened to many pages when Facebook made content from groups and friends a priority. Businesses had to start paying for people to see their content from there on.

When things change, you’ll do what you need to do. Go with the flow and don’t try to convince Instagram and Facebook to bring the old ways back. They won’t. 

3. Be Active

Are you posting enough content?

When people see a great post coming from your profile, they will interact with it. If you keep up with the good work, the platform will start boosting your posts, since you’re getting attention from the audience. But if you stay with a single post and you freeze your activity from there on, you’ll lose traction.

It may be time for you to start considering to hire professional writers. EduBirdy and other research/writing services will help with that. Upwork also works for hiring freelancers. The point is to develop a team of researchers, content writers, and editors. They will write content that works for you and your audience. The consistent activity will help you gain more followers, and the visibility of your posts will grow with that. 

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags make it really easy for people to find posts they’d like to see. If you use a branded hashtag that no one else uses, people can track your promotional activities across social media platforms.

You can also use a hashtag when introducing a challenge for your audience. The participants will use it, too. Their followers will see it, and they will come to check out the content behind that unique hashtag.

Hashtags are great! When you get creative and you use them at the right dose, they will get your posts seen.

5. Schedule Your Social Media Sharing 

Are you sharing your post at the right time on social media?

If you post your content on social media at a time when very few audiences are around, it will cause a low amount of engagement. So, you have to post at the right time.

According to a study run by Hootsuite on the top media platforms, each social media has a specific day and a few specific hours when most numbers of users are active, and most engagements are happening.

A post published during that peak hour had a much higher engagement for each social media. So you have to post that peak hour, depending on the social network. Social Booster is a plugin that can help you to schedule share your website content on your social media accounts, pages, and groups. You can schedule any website content for sharing at a different time on each social media.

Are You Ready For The Attention?

What will you do with all the attention when you finally get it?

You’ll have to keep up the good work. If your audience doesn’t see more good content, they will forget all about the profile they liked so much. Of course you don’t want that to happen.

If the content is good, it will be easy for you to boost its outreach through a simple method like the hashtag. But you first need to develop outstanding content, and that’s the part to focus on. When you do that, you’ll know how to deal with the attention. You’ll just keep doing what you’ve been doing: creating great content for social media platforms.

Author Bio: Joshua Robinson is a social media manager for several brands. He helps brands to reach out to a larger audience. Through his blog, Joshua shares tips and tricks on how to boost the effectiveness of SMM campaigns.                    

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