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A comparison of the two most popular PHP frameworks

Before starting to work on a project, it’s worth considering the choice of the right environment. One of the most important elements in the PHP framework. Currently, on the market, there are two candidates for the title of the best. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each solution and which will be better for a given project?

What are PHP frameworks?

In short, a framework can be compared to a skeleton, based on which an application is created. By using it, you can avoid errors that cause the most common problems with the functioning of applications. Using a framework means that the application must be written in a pre-planned way. For many people, this is a kind of limitation, but ready-made solutions and schemes contained in it make work much faster and simpler. It does not mean that functions are limited, because there is a possibility to create new functionalities, however, many tedious operations can be omitted efficiently. In short, using the framework will significantly speed up the work on the application, giving the developer a chance to focus on improving the final version of the program.

Laravel – what does it do?

One of the most commonly used frameworks is Laravel. It is built on elements of Symfony but has its logical approach to programming. Applications are meant to be maximally functional using as little code as possible. This makes the resulting programs very complex, but at the same time simple to build. Developing software in Laravel is ideal when an application needs to be finished quickly and team resources are limited. This is possible through the built-in elements of the framework. It is worth mentioning that when you install Laravel, you simultaneously get Eloquent ORM dependencies. At the same time, this framework has its built-in authorization system, making the process much faster.

How about Symfony?

The second very important framework is Symfony. Unlike Laravel, it is used for more complex projects. Most often it is used to create business applications that require very precise development and the involvement of a large team. Moreover, using this framework allows to effectively introduce updates when the application is already functioning. Symfony is rather based on simplicity. It contains only basic and necessary templates, libraries and dependencies that are used in most applications. This gives you a base package that can then be extended with all the necessary modules. Symfony is built using packages of files called bundles which you install as you need them.

Symfony is a PHP Framework that helps to develop and optimize business applications. This tool is primarily focused on three fundamental mechanisms:

Full Stack – is a method of designing and developing dynamic systems with many functions.

Brick by Brick – is the “philosophy” that underpins the whole structure. Each of these “cubes” is a single plugin that, when combined with other plugins, can produce a useful utility.

Microframework – is a philosophy that states that the framework should be used in very narrow projects without needing to optimize the whole code to the needs of a new application.

Most Loved Frameworks

What are the variations between Laravel and Symfony?

In contrast to Laravel, the Framework Symfony was planned for large-scale projects, so it was used to build PrestaShop or Magento. Since Symfony is written as a modular solution, we have a set of several different components (bundle). Of course, we’re referring to particular programs that must be assembled separately and have basic features that we want to use. It is sufficient to install the required kit if you need a payment scheme. This is a very practical and easy approach. The selection of basic elements has a significant influence on the framework’s results. In terms of Laravel, it is worth noting that it is based on Symfony components. It is the best option for people who prioritize intuitive and quick code writing. Laravel is suitable for smaller tasks that must be completed in a brief period of time.

Which framework to choose?

First of all, you need to find out who will be the end-users of the application, how big the team will be, and how much money the company is willing to spend. It is also worth knowing the skills of the programmers in the team and their limitations. In this way, you can choose a framework that will be ideal for the project. With the time and development of the company and the project team, it is worth considering the use of both frameworks, as they can complement each other very well.

To sum up, when writing applications using PHP, it is worth using frameworks, which can significantly accelerate the work on the project. By properly identifying the complexity of your application and the capabilities of your team, you can choose between Laravel and Symfony. Each of them offers something different, but they can be adapted to individual developer requirements.

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