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Top Instagram Trends In Content Marketing

By now you have probably realized that your marketing strategy won’t reach its full potential without Instagram. This influential social media platform has over 1 billion monthly users and 50% of them go through their feed each day.

Like any marketing channel, Instagram deserves special attention and personalized content. So, are you ready to maximize your content marketing efforts with this intriguing platform?

If your answer is yes, take a look at the following top trends for 2019 that you should keep an eye on.

Ditch the location boundaries

Unless you are a strictly local business, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use Instagram content for a global audience. Take into consideration that 80% of Instagram users come from outside the U.S. That is why global marketers love this platform.

In 2019, your focus should be on buyers’ needs rather than the location. The reason why Instagram is perfect for the global market is that it breaks the language barriers with visuals.

Creative images and fun videos can easily catch the attention of international buyers despite language and cultural differences.

Catalog-style content is under a spotlight

Instagram is actively encouraging brands to opt for catalog-style content. This works in favor of the brands because it speeds up the buying process.

This product tagging functionality is taking the marketing process to a whole new level. You can see how it looks in the following example.

Instagram content trends 1

Source: AshleyHomeStore

This is one of the many reasons why brands are starting to use Instagram as their main marketing channel. Its visually pleasing and engaging content is what the audience wants and what brands need to deliver.

It’s all about the video

While pictures still have their power, video is becoming more and more popular. There is something about that motion picture that allows people to tell their story in more detail.

Both individuals and business owners who want to grow their popularity have embraced this trend. It lets them humanize their brand and get closer to the audience.

Now, there is even IGTV where you can share up to an hour-long video and really connect with your followers. It also allows brands to provide their customers with valuable and interesting information.

Ephemeral content is showing its power

Since August 2016, when Instagram Stories first launched, brands have learned how to make the most of ephemeral content. To eliminate any doubt, let’s explain what ephemeral content is. It is a type of content that is available for a brief period and doesn’t appear on the profile or newsfeed.

Over 500 million accounts use Stories each day which shows how much people love this type of content.

It is a perfect way of driving eCommerce sales. Brands often use stories to promote their best deals. By playing on the urgency card, they get their customers to make an instant purchase. Take a look at how a clothing brand Forever21 uses their Instagram Stories.

Instagram content trends 2

Source: Forever21

Engage the audience with questions and polls

While were are still on the topic of Instagram Stories, we should address this important trend which deserves special attention – questions and polls.

One of the benefits of the Stories is that they enable you to interact with the audience by posting questions or create polls. They are easy to make and the audience feels appreciated when a brand gives them a chance to share their opinion. For example, IKEA USA uses polls to inquire about what style of products their customers prefer.

Instagram content trends 3


If you want to collect valuable information that can help you improve your marketing strategy and engage with your followers at the same time, here is the opportunity. In case you want some help to come up with interesting questions, team up with a writing service such as

Some final thoughts

The thing you need to know about social media is that it is essential to keep up with the current trends. Instagram is constantly upgrading and providing new opportunities for marketers and business owners to increase their brand awareness. These top trends will help you to stay up to date and make your profile Instagram worthy.

Instagram content can be your secret weapon in the marketing strategy if you know how to use it. The best part is that you don’t need a big budget to make it all happen. You just need some courage, persistence, and a dash of creativity.


Emma Robertson is a content marketer for She specialized in digital marketing and social media is one of her fields of expertise. Besides working as a content marketer, Emma also engages in freelance writing.

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