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How To Increase Traffic And Conversions With A Strong SEO Strategy

Because of intense competition between brands, getting leads or conversions have become more challenging for businesses who are just starting out. Sure, you might have created content and published a few paid ads on your social media platforms, but it isn’t a surefire guarantee that you’ll be able to convert a user to trust your brand.

So, what comes next? We asked SEO Melbourne experts Contevo to weigh in on the best plan of action to increase conversions via social media marketing.

Strategise external and internal link building.

Once you’ve created a conversion-driven campaign on social media, never stop there. One way to strengthen your chances of generating more conversions is through internal and external link building.

Internal link building, in simpler terms, are links from a page in the domain that opens on a new page that’s also within the domain and is a highly recommended SEO practice to build an easy-to-navigate website structure. On the other hand, external link building is when a link published on a different domain redirects to your domain once opened and is ideal in order to establish your credibility and website ranking.

It’s important to practice link building because it improves your discoverability once a user further researches about your brand online after having an encounter with your ad, which in turn helps increase your brand’s online reputation and gaining your target audience’s loyalty.

Pull together your content onsite and offsite.

What comes after good link building practice is a consistent and well-crafted content plan. Your social media platforms are the face of your brand. Therefore, it is only essential that your content must be executed with your target audience’s preferences on top of mind.

Onsite content refers to content published on your social media platform and website while offsite content refers to publishing your content on another website, typically a collaboration to strengthen your SEO game.

The most important thing about quality content marketing is that it helps you create a more detailed analysis into what your consumers perceive about your brand, how they interact with your content, and their additional preferences as consumers. This allows you to find out what you can improve in your strategy and your business. 

You have to create content that has value, is entertaining, and most definitely, something that your audience resonates with. What would be the sense of publishing inspirational content from a professional marketing expert if your target market is Gen Z consumers?

Set a specific goal using analytics.

Aside from content, data is another essential for you to increase the chances of having more conversions. Tracking your progress through analytics tools like Google Analytics allows you to find what areas of your digital initiatives you can improve, specifically your landing page/s since it is the main component of a conversion-driven campaign.

There are social media management tools such as Sprout Solutions, Falcon, Hootsuite, or CoSchedule which you can use to track your social media analytics, but keep in mind that you should also track your website analytics because these two channels go hand-in-hand in driving traffic and gaining leads.

Use social media

With over 3 billion social media users in the world as of 2020, more and more businesses are seizing the opportunity to amplify their brand expansion and get in touch with a wider range of audience across different digital marketing channels, most especially on social media.

Social media marketing, in particular, is one of the most effective ways to gather conversions primarily because it’s the most diverse platform for both consumers and businesses. Considering that the average amount of time that a user spends on social media is approximately two hours and 22 minutes, there’s a longer exposure time for them to see online ads based on their recent online activity or personal interest preferences.

Now that social media is going to stay in the digital marketing landscape for good, and what’s gonna be in it for businesses? Endless opportunities, quality engagement with consumers, and… lots of challenges. One, in particular, is the most common problem especially for small businesses: getting conversions.

Tap into influencer marketing.

The power of an influencer is extremely helpful especially when you have a specific target conversion goal in mind. Whether you want to collaborate with a micro influencer with a specific niche with only a few thousand followers or a mega influencer who resonates with the nature of your brand and has millions of followers, influencer marketing is a smart way to allot a budget for increasing conversions.

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